Sewing Weekender 2018

sewing weekender

Woven labels courtesy of Sew Me Sunshine

How often in life do you expect to meet a soul mate? Once, if you’re lucky?

How about meeting a hundred soul mates over a weekend where all you have to do is nothing more than sew, chat, listen, learn, eat, drink wine and devote 48 hours to nothing other than yourself, your sewing and your friends?

If that sounds appealing, you need to attend a Sewing Weekender, as organised by The Foldline and English Girl At Home.

how to organise a sewing meet up

The Sewing Weekender has been described as the Glastonbury of sewing, and that’s a pretty accurate description. Tickets are legendary for selling out in moments and breaking websites.

2018 was the third sewing retreat and I was lucky enough that the organisers invited me to speak at the event. I’m not saying I bit off their hands, but it turns out that fingers are pretty tasty…

the sewing weekender

Spot The Person Hunched Behind The Machine

This year the event ballooned. Kate, Rachel and Charlotte were brave enough to increase the number of attendees by 50 per cent. And honestly, I would never have known they’d doubled their workload. The whole weekend ran smoothly, in no small part down to the organised yet relaxed demeanour of this trio of inspirational women. As a speaker, I was particularly grateful for their supportive vibe. All we had to do was sew and eat biscuits.

sewing retreat

I took my first version of the Marguerite dress from Sew Over It. My sewing was monumentally, award-winningly, show-stoppingly … bad. I burnt my fabric with the iron. I put a sleeve in wrong. It was all a great reminder that sewing can be hard sometimes. Garghhhh!

Fortunately, I was surrounded by supportive women who only laughed a little bit at my trials. I loved the talks from others, and the fact that we could sit at our machines and listen. So relaxed. We saw presentations from The Maker’s Atelier, Harriet and Sewisfaction. All of them fascinating.

I hope my talk went well. I think it did. My aim was to inspire people to dream big – to believe they can achieve anything they put their mind to. Because we all can. The organisers of The Sewing Weekender have proved that.

I arrived frazzled and left feeling … emotional. Charlotte, Kate and Rachel are quite exceptional women. But then, I was surrounded by one hundred exceptional people. It doesn’t take much to sew a dress. Just some from friends to laugh at you! And maybe a room full of strangers, ready to become pals for life.

Thank you to The Sewing Weekender for inviting me. I hope I’ll return – if I can remember to set my alarm for next year’s sale. As I said on my Instagram stories, you could consider murder to get a ticket. It really would be reasonable…

the sewing weekender 2018

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  1. sewwatts says:

    Already said it on my blog , but you did a great job in your presentation . I doubt very much that I will Be writing a book but I still found the whole process rally interesting. Good luck with The Lityle Book of Sewing

  2. I was at the sewing weekender and wanted to say thanks for your talk, it was really inspiring. And exciting to see your book is now a reality! I did take some notes at the time as this is an area I’m interested in, but it’s been 7 months before I’ve got to thinking about this again (due to a house move and new job to occupy my time). I was wondering if there is any chance of getting a copy of the presentation slides to refresh my brain further? Of course I understand if you don’t want to share these but thought it was worth asking! Thanks!

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