M7575 sewing pattern – free with Love Sewing magazine

M7575 sewing pattern

I was recently invited to sew the M7575 pattern that came free in August’s Love Sewing magazine – and I loved it so much I made two!

This is my second iteration sewn from a polyester bought years ago from The Man Outside Sainsburys. This pattern really suits a fabric with drape.

M7575 sewing pattern rear

The pattern shows you how to tissue fit, which certainly saved me some of my usual fitting issues around the upper chest. There are double pointed darts in the front and back bodice pieces which give great waist definition, a two-piece sleeve and various length options. Here’s me wearing the longest length for the magazine’s photo shoot:

Love Sewing photoshoot

This version was made using poplin from Thimble and Notch – zebras and flamingos, guys!

On both versions, I went with a collarless make. I often don’t like how collars are drafted in sewing patterns – just a smidgin can make a big difference to the look, I find.

how to sew a collarless shirt

how to sew a shirt

I really love this shirt! It’s highly wearable and I wore it to the Sewing Weekender recently.

If you’re sewing a shirt or blouse, I recommend taking your care over finish as you’ll be chucking this in the washing machine on a regular basis.

Are you tempted by this pattern? It’s a goodie!

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9 Responses to M7575 sewing pattern – free with Love Sewing magazine

  1. Love love your blog (I’m such a fan girl). I can’t seem to gain benefit from tissue fitting, so willl give this pattern a try if nothing else but to learn more about it. I’m so ready for fall makes, as soon as the oppressive heat here in Washington DC lets up!

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Aw, thank you for your kind words! The pattern has instructions for tissue fitting so maybe it shall help. It was the first time I ever tried tissue fitting.

  2. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says:

    both shirts look great but I particularly like the 2nd one, great color and proportion on you.

  3. Gill says:

    I get the Love Sewing mag on subscription and avidly read your review – I think I like the second version even more than the first and I’ll definitely be trying the pattern.

  4. Manju says:

    Wow you look fabulous for the magazine. Both lovely versions. Modelling isn’t that easy, is it?!

  5. Both versions look great! You look lovely in the magazine photo too.

  6. The red version looks so wearable and you look really happy in it. Jo x

  7. Reina Green says:

    I can only get Love Sewing when I’m in the UK for a visit or someone comes to visit me in Canada. My son brought the August issue and I wasn’t super excited about the blouse/shirt pattern until I saw yours! I love, love, love (really love) your zebra-flamingo tunic-length version!

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