Top Five Autumn Sewing Projects

One day you’re walking through parched fields, slathered in sunscreen. The next, squirrels are scampering before you and leaves crunch beneath your feet.

Ah, Autumn! The time of year when women clamber back into their tights and cardies and breath an audible sigh of relief. I don’t have to lay eyes on my own flesh for the next six months. Is there anything more satisfying?

Yes! Sewing for autumn. It’s a whole new season of inspiration, just as you thought you couldn’t churn out yet another Ogden cami. So, I thought I’d do a quick round up of projects for this time of year.


gingham pyjamas

I seem to collect pyjama patterns the way other women collect cats. I have several! You can’t really go wrong with a PJ sewing pattern as the fitting is close to negligible. The last pattern I worked from was the Kwik Sew 3553 and it was perfect.

If you like your bedtime toasty, hunt out some brushed cotton. A quick Google search turned up this and this.

If you prefer to stay cool, I recommend a quality viscose. I sewed a pair of pyjamas from this viscose at Stoff & Stil and I love wearing them.

pyjama sewing patterns

Of course, the ultimate question is whether or not 2018 should be the Year Of The Onesie? People seem to have strong opinions on these, so maybe I’d better move quickly on!


To go with my pyjamas, maybe I should finally sew together these quilting squares. Any tips? I have 42 squares here and am a quilting novice.

quilting squares


You absolutely cannot beat a coat for a satisfying autumn make. Or if you’re in the groove, make two! I use my Sew Over It Lola coat in chambray as an early Autumn outfit and then shrug on my pure wool V9275 longline bomber jacket as it gets colder. Both are easy to sew and have been worn on heavy rotation.

Sew Over It Lola Coat

bomber jacket

Ridiculous Posing Optional


As the nights draw in, we can start to plan our parties – and the dresses we shall wear to them. I have several vintage sewing patterns to hand. But which to choose…? Such a dilemma, darling! Maybe I should sew a second Vogue 5098 as I love that dress so darn much.

vintage dress sewing patterns

belt detail


I find these perfect for autumn layering with tights or leggings and a long-sleeve T-shirt. I have some black denim for another Cleo dungaree dress. I’ve made a lot of these and again they get worn on heavy rotation.

Cord Cleo

Okay, that’s your lot! In fact, right now I’m off to finish sewing something entirely different. More on that soon, I hope.

So, look. You still haven’t told me. When am I going to see you wearing a Onesie?

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22 Responses to Top Five Autumn Sewing Projects

  1. Jenny Lester says:

    I’m ahead of you – cut out and (almost) finished a Raw edge coat from Makers Atelier book this week. Used some double sided wool bought for a jacket 2 years ago from TMOS, but thought it was too thick and stiff for the drape I required. Stuffed back in the bag until earlier this week, when I remembered it. Washed it!! Husband said “won’t it felt” as I rammed it into the washer very impressed that he even knew the right word!! Well it wouldn’t mattered it did and it didn’t, but came out soft and fluffy. 2 days later a beautiful coat awaiting buttons. May be worn this weekend – result! Very easy and stylish unlined coat

  2. Miriana says:

    This woman (and I hope many others) doesn’t find the sight of her flesh particularly traumatic.

    I’m gearing up to make lots of things from sweatshirt fabric.

  3. KelsiVianna says:

    I tried to do PJ pants two years ago and they turned out BAD. Tempted to retry this year to see if I have better luck.

  4. Melody Srygley says:

    I love fall ’cause it = no more leg shaving! (Lovely legs, but the rest is iffy!!!) And onesies? Only in my altogether. (Again. It’s iffy. Wish I could say it was dependable. 🙂 )
    I laughed so hard at your opening, even though I may have finally perfected the fit of my Ogden. (Am I the only one with gaping underarms?)
    I literally just walked in my front door in northern New York (60 degrees F.) from Nashville, Tennessee (92 degrees F.) after an 1,100 mile drive, so my head is spinning season-wise, and otherwise. Perhaps I will sew a pair of pajamas…

  5. Karen Minet says:

    Hi Karen. I make warm pajamas out of crushed velvet knit and also double brushed poly/spandex. Both come in luscious solids and prints, and both stretch. They are pretty and so comfy. Fyi

  6. I have just snapped up some lovely check poly/wool from Sherwood Fabrics in their sale and I want to make culottes like yours. Can you give me the link to the post you did on them please.

  7. Jenny Larking says:

    I have just snapped up some lovely poly/wool check in the Sherwood Fabrics sale, which I would love to make into culottes. Can you give me the link to the post you did on those please Karen?

  8. Welcome to quilting! What you have there are called Charm Squares from Moda – when put together to sell in a stack in the shop are called a Charm Pack. Moda owns the “charm” moniker. They have a website devoted to their precuts (of course). Here are oodles of patterns for charms. Your charms will do nicely for the 2nd one down on the page to make a table runner. It’s fun to use a bright scrap on the backing and you could find a coordinating solid to add in to make your fabric double. I would use your particular pack to make a couple of hot pads for my flat irons: one for the dresser and one that lives in the suitcase for travel. Possibilities are endless! Tights? ACK! It’s still in the 90’s here in a very steamy South Texas. 🙂

  9. Lydia says:

    For your quilting project invest in a 1/4 inch foot for your sewing machine – it makes sewing the squares easy and accurate though still pin them together. Press all seeams not open but together. Once you get confident it is very easy to chain piece – piece your quilt in long strips with pressed seams all facing in same direction and then saw the strips together. I started quilt making before graduating to dress making so doing it in reverse will be easy- peasy😀

  10. LinB says:

    Hmmm. Autumnal sewing where I live is pretty much just using the same lightweight cottons and linens as ever, but in different colorways. We won’t get any real cold until late November. No need to break out the woolens until Christmas, unless there’s a stray ice storm or two before then.

    I plan to make some basic, boring trousers and blouses to replace those that got ruint by sweat and food stains over this summer. And should most likely toss the rattiest of my pajamas and replace them, as well … since my eyes are closed and the room is dark when I sleep in them, it’s easy to let them get past the stage of suitable for public wearing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Sharyn says:

    Down here in the antipodies I am starting to uncover the pale hairiness ravaged by winter’s efforts! Spring is definitely here and my warm weather sewing plsns include several hundred Ogden’s. Happy to be farewelling tights and boots till March!

  12. I have a surprising number of those on my to sew list for this autumn/winter.
    Now that I have caved and made myself summer PJs I am looking forward to some very snuggly winter ones too.
    I’m going to finally get round to sewing myself a coat after saying I will for the last couple of years.
    Also planning a few quilts hopefully and a nice dress 🙂
    Looking forward to getting behind my sewing machine again after the summer away from it…

  13. Ros says:

    I’ve just printed and cut the pattern pieces for a Jennifer Lauren Ivy pinafore dress. I scored a fab bargain of Seasalt needlecord in their outlet shop on Friday, so that is going to be the A-line version, and then I have some woollen fabric for a super-cosy slim-fit version.

  14. There are too many lovely things in the world to make so I won’t be making a onsie but I like the look of that New look PJ pattern. I am making a wrap skirt with kilt buckles but just can’t seem to quite kick the summer wardrobe yet. Jo x

  15. Jo says:

    You know you want to make that onesie, Karen……. DO IT! 😀

  16. Joyapple says:

    Quilting will be a blast for a sewist like you with lots and lots of lovely left-over scraps. With all due respect to the chic moda fabric in your post why not cut out a pile of 5″ squares in all your soft PJ fabrics and other wee gems from your collection. Spend a very happy hour or two arranging them into a colourful arrangement that makes you smile. Then sew them together, with 1/4″ foot for neat seams (great tip btw), first of all in rows then join the rows together. Back with a bright soft fleece and voila perfect knee rug/throw for a chilly moment. Perfect, personal, cosy and fun!

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