Autumn Sewing Inspiration & Totally Random Question

The season’s are changing. Does nature’s palette influence your sewing and colour choices?

I would never have paired my turquoise earrings with red lace, if I hadn’t spotted a local cottage garden. This stunning cotton lawn from Sew Me Sunshine magnificently combines both colours. As Harriet herself says, ‘perfect for autumn’!

Sewing In Autumn Collage

And some hues just make you want to cuddle up in cosy fabrics. Coat sewing, anyone? I’d love to make the Tessuti Oslo coat.

Sewing For Autumn Collage

I was struck by how much purple there was outside, which made me pull out some silk. I wouldn’t automatically consider silk an autumn fabric, but this fabric does keep a person warm as well as stylish. What would you make? A Sew Over It pussy bow blouse?

Sewing With Silk In Autumn

And now my TOTALLY RANDOM QUESTION. I’m fascinated by the cultural moment that immersive theatre and cinema experiences are having. Have you attended one? What were your thoughts, and why do you think these experiences have become popular? Is it the entertainment industry steering us towards more live events? Or is this audience-led, people seeking escapism from the world around us? These events lend themselves to costume making. Have you sewn something? Is this 2018’s cosplay? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Help a bystander understand, please!

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19 Responses to Autumn Sewing Inspiration & Totally Random Question

  1. Allison says:

    I think itโ€™s just fun to pretend to be somebody else-something outside your everyday experience.

  2. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says:

    I have to agree with Allison – I know many who go , then act like whoever . Not me , life is too precious to pretend or want to be someone else. I think those who do that are dissatisfied with themselves. Have an awesome day !

    • halesmoore says:

      I don’t think you can assume that about people. What about people embracing creativity or finding likeminded people who share the same interests? Maybe you don’t have the confidence to dress up, but don’t knock those who do. Life is too precious to be ignorant.

    • liz n. says:

      I’ve gone to these events, although haven’t dressed in costume. It’s simply a fun thing to do, and quite to the contrary of your assumption, the folks who dress up and get into character are so very satisfied with themselves that they’re able to express a fun, creative, expressive side of themselves.

      Without folks who are comfortable and enthusiastic in doing so, we wouldn’t have theater or films in the first place, y’know.

    • New Capel Street: Fabric Division says:

      I don’t agree with your perspective at all, Daisy. Here’s why:
      I take part in a hobby known as Live-Action Roleplay, usually referred to as LARP. Participants play fictional characters within a setting (fantasy, or cyberpunk, or the world of Jane Austen, to name a tiny few examples) and play through scenarios that can last anywhere from 3 hours to 4 days (generally with breaks for sleep and meals).

      This involves costuming and portraying those characters and it’s honestly so much fun. It’s why I learned to sew – I was in uni and couldn’t afford to buy the costumes the traders sold at LARP events.

      One of my favourite aspects of LARP is getting to walk in someone else’s shoes and try a different outlook on life for size. Some games have you create your own character within a world setting, and in some games you are given a character background and asked to play it to the best of your abilities. Yes, it is escapism. And it’s challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and fun.

  3. Eirian says:

    Also, you get to make AMAZING costumes and take part in the story. It’s a wonderful opportunity to show off your sewing skills and have them admired by a bunch of super happy people ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Liz says:

    Have been to several secret cinema events, they are enormous fun as long as you like the film and then get properly into character and play along with the actors. For me it’s an excuse to make great costumes, have a fun night out with friends and enjoy themed food/drink along with a great film. I have only been to films I already know and love, and we’ve skipped a few as they weren’t our style. I would disagree with Daisy, it’s not about pretending to be someone else because you’re dissatisfied with your own life, it’s about a bit of escapism, something different to your usual nights out, and really appreciating the creative vision of the director. You normally get given a character along with costume notes, so much fun to play around! Highly recommended!

  5. Rory Franklin says:

    Years ago I saw the Merchant of Venice and it was set in a Nazi concentration camp. As people walked in, the hostess decided whether a person was Jewish or German. My husband I were deemed Jewish and told to sit on bunk beds with extremely think mattresses. There were also seats on a stand under a large Nazi flag where those guests would be served wine, cheese and fruit. Most of those people chose to sit on the bunk beds. The idea was that a group of Jewish camp victims were being forced to be a part of the play. It was fascinating and added layers of understanding to the play.

  6. Olivia says:

    I’m a Secret Cinema fan, and I’ve learned that the more effort you put into what you wear for these events, the more fun you get out of them. I haven’t made an outfit (yet) but created them with accessories and it makes you feel part of the event. Can’t really explain why it’s such fun – it’s a bit like being on stage instead of just watching. It’s also that all the other people there are joining in, sharing the experience … I’m not explaining it very well, I think you should book up for the next Secret Cinema when it’s announced and find out for yourself!

  7. I’ve done a couple of secret cinema events and enjoyed but didn’t love them. It’s the introvert thing I think. I much preferred Moulin Rouge to Bladerunner, though the latter is one of my favourite films – but if you’re going to immerse yourself in an environment, it helps if that environment is fun. Bladerunner was maybe too realistically dark!

    Next month however we’re off to the Great Gatsby theatre event, and I can’t wait. It feels like it’ll be a much more fun setting for a glamorous night out. And then there’s the outfit …

  8. Colesworth says:

    I haven’t been to any of these sort of events, but I’ve booked a cinema theatre later this month for a fundraiser screening of the Vivienne Westwood doco and I’m sewing up a westwood inspired outfit and have makeup/hair/accessories planned ;o)

  9. jocolumbine says:

    Hmm completely new to me – but maybe we’re too far away from London (I understand that the streets are paved with gold down there too). Does sound like fun in an end-of-days, 21st century decadence, reality-sucks kinda way.

  10. Taja says:

    Seasonal colours: I always have combined what others consider to be “odd” colours, only to have them become popular within a few years (more likely months with social media!). My eyes tend to see the base colours and take it from there. Since our seasons are warm, very warm, hot and miserably hot, with three weeks or so of wickedly cold weather (by our standards!), I do not own seasonable wardrobes. I just add or subtract layers as needed. I am in the minority, though. We have a very transient population, with most people originating in colder climates. It is rather amusing to watch them complain because they insist on dressing seasonally rather than for the climate!

    Immersion theatre/cinema? They have been around for a few years. Zero interest on my part, but I can see how others might enjoy it. I already need more hours in my life to enjoy existing interests!

  11. Lydia says:

    This doesnโ€™t respond to your questions, but I love your inspiration photos and colour palettes. I often visit the design seeds instagram for colour and image inspiration, as well as take my own photos too. The colour juxtapositions are always inspirational for pulling together fabrics and creating outfits from ready to wear and sewing.

  12. Paula says:

    Make the Oslo coat! I made one this last Australian winter, and I love it, it’s a beautiful shape and can work with jeans or work clothes. I’m thinking about making a velvet one for evenings next…..

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