The Myosotis Dress In Viscose

deer and doe sewing pattern_edited-1

The last time I sewed this Deer & Doe Myosotis Dress, I announced I’d make a second version in silk. I didn’t. I made it again in viscose bought for £3 a metre from The Bloke Outside Asda. Just kidding! I bought the fabric from TMOS.

sewing with viscose

The print on this fabric is just amazing, in such vibrant colours. As you can see, it makes a really swishy version of the dress and I feel very 80s grunge wearing it – which is no bad thing.

how to sew with viscose

I washed the fabric twice on 40 degrees before cutting into it; I wanted to be sure that any shrinkage had happened before it ruined a dress. Some viscose can be prone to shrinking in the washing machine. For detailed hints and tips on working with viscose check out my Fabric Focus.

attaching a collar

I also ignored the pattern instructions for the collar. Instead, I attached it on the outside of the make with pins, then basted the seam in place before machine sewing. I then turned over the hem on the inside collar and hand stitched in place.

myosotis dress in viscose

I hope you like this dress as much as I do! I don’t know why I always make more than one version of a pattern I love. Guess it’s value for money!

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18 Responses to The Myosotis Dress In Viscose

  1. PoundCake says:

    HA! I’ve visited TMOS *once*, on a glorious trip to England, and I’ve continued to go on about him to the extent that when I read aloud your “Bloke Outside Asda” line to my partner he cracked up, too! Those colors are amazing. I love that urban witchy style. I’d buy a philter from you! ; )

  2. Noreen says:

    That fabric!

  3. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Thank you so much for making this, Karen, in its current variation. NOW I think I’ve found the pattern for a couple of autumnal pieces languishing in my stash since my Chicago days – at least 6 years. Please continue your “value for money” scheme as they inspire!

  4. lizafrica says:

    Hi Karen
    Thanks for sharing. I am SO glad I took the lead from you. I went to Walthamstow market last Saturday in the pouring rain!! The “power of determination” was real strong as I dragged along hubby and grandson. But they were very good natured about it! We all got rather wet BUT I met TMOS and bought several great pieces of fabric which will be going back to Canada with me tomorrow. I told him I knew about him from your blog. I also walked in the rain from the Highbury station to Sew Over it on Essex Road. No clue where I was actually going but found it anyway. That determination at the irk again! What a lovely fresh and modern store. I bought more fabric and they allowed me to take pics – I left my business card and explained I would write a blog post on Janomelife once back in Canada – seeing as the class which was taking place while I was there were working on Janome sewing machines. I feel so lucky I found your blog several years ago and now I have finally been able to visit your market. I also went to the Goldhawk Road and Berwick Street but TMOS beat them all hands down!!!
    Love be the fabric you used for this dress

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Oh my goodness, what a trip you had! But I applaud your determination as it meant you saw the REAL face of London, as opposed to the Covent Garden tourist face of central London. That side’s lovely too, but you really have plunged into the authentic London – and took some great fabric home with you. Kudos to your family for their patience. PS It really was raining last Saturday!

  5. I am absolutely in love with this fabric. Makes me wish I still lived in London so I could nab some.

  6. It’s a lovely dress! Love the bright vivid print and I think making more than one is a good thing! But then I own three of this dress now so I may be biased!

  7. Love that fabric! And that pattern is great for those days when a loose fit is a must. Nicely done!

  8. Candie says:

    OOOOhh, love this fabric. I’ve been buying more dark florals myself but have not seen any I love as much as this! I will have to keep up the good search. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Shelagh says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  10. Buck Orser says:

    Hi Karen:

    Love the print/fabric along with the style of your new dress. I feel the style of the dress is perfect for the print due to the fact there are not a lot of seams to break-up or interrupt the print.
    I personally am not familiar with the 80’s grunge look, however, I think the overall end product of this project is very wearable across a wide variety of functions and/or applications and your new dress will probably be wearable for many years to come.

    In addition, being Canadian I can’t say for sure but the amount you paid per meter for your fabric seems to be a serious bargain for something you will likely wear countless times.

    Given the current trend/emphasis on being more mindful and/or sustainable when we sew – I feel reusing a pattern numerous times (if the fit is spot on and one feels good in the style etc.) is a big win in my book.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

  11. Colesworth says:

    I adore this viscose – I have a deer and doe melilot in something very similar ;o)

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