Stoff & Stil help me sew a bag!

stoff still gold.jpg

dog walking bag

When I first introduced a puppy to my household, I was given loads of advice:

  • You are now parent to a toddler that never grows up
  • Hide anything you care about
  • Always walk into the home before she does
  • Give up on keeping her off the sofa or bed

All of these rang true, though I never quite mastered the art of being the first to walk into the house. What no one told me is … you’ll have an excuse to sew a new dog-walking bag once every other year!

Six years on, here’s the latest.

It’s sewn from IKEA fabric I ‘inherited’ from the Sewing Weekender. If you contributed this fabric, thank you!

The gold base is an insane, coated card from Stoff & Stil. I believe it’s waterproof, though the proof shall be in the pudding. It comes in smooth shiny rolls, but I scrunched mine up to soften the card and make it look more boho.

The decorated ‘Hello!’ patch is also from Stoff & Stil – they are soooo good with the fun accessories. See them all here!

My machine hated this fabric, so there’s some pretty shonky sewing going on. Do I care? What do you reckon?

shonky sewing

I rescued the strap and a lot of the hardware from an old bag I didn’t use any more. Can’t say fairer than that.

strap on dog bag

Each time I make this bag, I replicate the original. It’s just perfect for my dog-walking needs.

I’ll be interested to see if that coated gold stands up to the demands of thrice-a-day dog walks. In the meantime, Ella is six years old. Six years of gazing into those chocolate eyes. Six years of being ignored in public. Six years of stubbornness. I guess you can never tell what shape love takes in your life, huh?

Stoff and stil

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24 Responses to Stoff & Stil help me sew a bag!

  1. bracken says:

    Enjoy her while you can. I recently lost both my own dogs ( June and September) both over 14 years old. People tell you “ah but they had good lives” and believe me they did but it really does not help. Time goes very fast.

  2. Ilona Kish says:

    Looks great! As the new owner of a very active Working Cocker pup – I’ve been experimenting with different bags – what are the features that make this indispensable for you?

    • didyoumakethat says:

      It’s not a backpack so I don’t have to keep pulling it off my shoulders, but it’s across the body so doesn’t slip off – and it’s big enough to hold the essentials of poo bags, purse, ball etc.

      • Ilona says:

        I couldn’t seem to see if you posted a link to the pattern?

      • Ilona says:

        I’m just thinking about this – I see the advantage of not a backpack, but I always find cross body bags so unflattering – bisecting the chest area! Sigh….

    • didyoumakethat says:

      I copied the bag from one I once bought. It’s just oblongs!

  3. Are you carrying the dog in the bag? Or just the dog pooh bags? And whatever else dogs on the go need.? I only ever managed a guinea pig as a pet although I do like horses a lot but prefer to hire or borrow them as they’re a bit to large and expensive to keep in a bag.

  4. I love your bag! The fabric is lovely and the addition of the gold is perfect!

  5. Jenny says:

    why should you walk in the house before your dog?

  6. Who ever enters the house first is the LEADER. Dominant. In charge. According to many dog trainers.

  7. My regular sewing machine also does not like many of the Ikea fabrics. My vintage straight stitch machine handles it just fine, though. Nice bag!

  8. Blanca says:

    Love this bag. Ella is a lucky fashionista.

  9. Megan says:

    I like that fabric wonder why your machine didn’t? What do you mean ignored in public? she’s so cute I would’ve thought it would take an age to get anywhere as her adoring public stopped to say hello and have a pat!

  10. Sally says:

    It’s a lovely bag, cross body are my go to bag for dog walking, child herding etc, have you got a walking foot? I find mine helps with thick or tricky fabric. I love to see pics of your beautiful dog. We had a Schnauzer when our kids were young, they still call him the “best dog” even though he has been gone along time now, happy days. I really like your blog, you tackle other things beside sewing, it all seems to flow effortlessly, well done.

  11. Tracey says:

    I am just starting to think about an ideal bag as I usually stuff everything in my pockets but my waterproof coat seems to get soggy pockets so soggy dog treats are not appetising to squelch out of the cavernous depths. Interestingly when I go out with Ludo he greets everyone so effusively as if they are the love of his life but he ignores me. Must be a schnauzer thing

    • Jenny Larking says:

      We had a schnauzer (salt and pepper standard sized) and his name was Ludo too. My son named him Ludwig (German connection), Ludo for short. He was a one woman dog and I was that woman. Not that he didn’t like other people but really, nobody was as wonderful as me. My favourite dog of course.

  12. Paula says:

    I have a skirt in that fabric! Love the bag too.

  13. Emma Langhorne says:

    I love this bag, what is the pattern? Especially like the gold bottom… Please please please share a picture of your dog???

  14. Lucy Watkins says:

    I just bought a roll of this lovely gold paper at the knitting and stitching show. I think Village Haberdashery have something similar and they recommend washing it before sewing – did you do that? What needle did you use? The bag looks great.

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