My Top Five Useful Sewing Blog Posts

If you’re new to sewing or to Did You Make That, I thought I’d do a little round-up of my most popular and useful blog posts! Hopefully, these could help you, too.

Fabric Focus – Viscose

viscose blouse did you make that

Viscose is one of the most wearable fabrics to sew with and this blog post is my number one most popular of all time. Clearly, we all love viscose. Brew yourself a cup of tea and take the time to read the 75+ comments as there’s a wealth of reader information and tips.

Don’t forget to check out the full Fabric Focus series here.

Walthamstow Market Downloadable Map

walthamstow market fabric stall

It turns out people love a free downloadable map! Here you can find my guide to fabric shopping on Walthamstow market, along with a map to guide you. Make a day of it!

An Idiot’s Guide To Working With Satin


This was a blog post about a dress I sewed for a friend from satin. It wasn’t an entirely successful make, but the readers’ comments are a mine of knowledge. Clearly, other people have had the same challenges. Maybe I need to write a Fabric Focus!

Make Yourself A Press Cloth

Silk Organza Press Cloth

People come back time and again for this tutorial. My press cloth needs replacing now so you can guesstimate that a silk organza press cloth shall last you two years on average. This really is an essential piece of kit.

How To Sew A Tie


To any pattern designers out there, I’m promising you there’s a gap in the market – if you’re looking for new customers, put a tie pattern out there! This blog post gets SO many hits. My tie was based on the now defunct Colette Patterns tie blog post. The only other kit I’m aware of is from Sew Over It. Gap. In. Market. Free. Tutorial. I’m telling ya – perfect for Christmas!

I hope this round-up helped and inspired. What do you most often search for in sewing when you hit Google?

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3 Responses to My Top Five Useful Sewing Blog Posts

  1. acraftyscrivener says:

    I hadn’t seen your viscose blog post before, that was so interesting to read – and I think the quality has changed even in the 5 years since the original post. I have been on a rayon sewing binge the last 6 months or so and use spray fabric stabilizer, and have had no trouble at all. So interesting! When i Google for sewing its mainly for seeing patterns on different bodies, techniques in sewalongs or dreaming over fabric, lol!

  2. Ann says:

    I remember all of these, and many more useful things from your wonderful blog. My curiosity has gotten the better though. How do you pronounce “Walthamstow?” Since learning the pronunciation of Chelmsford I’ve stopped trusting spelling as a guide to British locations.

    • Fraggle says:

      As no one else has replied, it’s rather more as written than some…to go a bit more London it’s Walf am sto or at least, that’s the way my Londoner friends say it!
      I lived close to a Ratchup…it was spelled Ratlinghope.

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