Tumble Out Of Bed And Stumble To The Kitchen

tilly and the buttons sewing nora

Would you take a meeting with this woman? I know, debatable, right?

I’m getting ready for a work trip away, so obviously I had to squeeze in some sewing! I’m wearing:

Burda 7020 Jacket – sewn four years ago

The Maker’s Atelier One Hour Skirt – sewn seven months ago

The Tilly and the Buttons Nora top – sewn this weekend!

This is sooooo going to be an outfit when I’m racing around New York, but in the meantime I guess I should show you the Nora top. Can you see it better now?

karen and ella 2018

Ha, ha! I’m taking lots of photos of Ella as we’re about to be separated for three weeks. SOB.

Okay, what about now? Now, can you see it?

tilly nora top

Let’s just acknowledge that black is never going to photograph well. But what a wardrobe staple this pattern is! I particularly love the high neckline for:

  • cold, draughty offices in winter
  • coverage of bra straps, slips and a three-course dinner

To give you the low down:

  • I cut out the body as per body measurements
  • I added 4cm to body length
  • I cut out the sleeves three sizes smaller
  • I removed 2cm from sleeve length
  • I reduced the depth of the split in the split hem
  • I reduced the width of the high neckband by 5cm

So, a fair amount of tweaking.

split hem nora top

The instructions don’t tell you to do this, but I added fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the split hem to stabilise it prior to sewing. This is a great little tip!

fusible interfacing on hem

I’ve already ordered some more jersey for a second version of this top in a significantly more striking colour. In the meantime, black may not photograph well but it shall definitely get worn in meetings.

Now, take a letter, Miss Rhodes. Did you hear they’re re-making 9 to 5? I can’t wait!

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20 Responses to Tumble Out Of Bed And Stumble To The Kitchen

  1. Fran Giacobbe says:

    Love your outfit! Can I copy??? Your skirt fabric is so pretty.

  2. shoes15 says:

    Cute look! Don’t forget to pour yourself a cup of ambition!

  3. Love the ensemble and would totally take a meeting with you. Welcome to the States- it will be (an especially) odd/interesting time to be here. You can’t go wrong wearing black in NYC, that’s for sure. Why did you make the sleeves 3 sizes smaller? I’m not famiiliar (yet) with this pattern.

  4. runsewread says:

    I love your version of the ‘Nora’, and how well it pairs well with the jacket.

  5. Anniesews says:

    perfect outfit, you look amazing and Ella is the best accessory ever.

  6. That looks fabulous!! 3 weeks!! Poor Ella!

  7. Your Nora top looks amazing! It looks so warm too, definitely a win win.

  8. Roberta says:

    So beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous outfit. Love,love, love your necklace with it.

  10. Looking good! Hope New York is ready for you!

  11. Pamela Shadle Flores says:

    That is fantastic!

  12. Ruth says:

    have just got back form a great trip to Walthamstow Market on your recommendations! Fab day out, and we came home with a haul of fabrics and notions.

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  14. Sarah says:

    Love this and the ideas for tweaking the pattern too. I’ve edited the pattern to have a wider neckline but couldn’t decide what sleeves to go with… 3 sizes smaller sounds a lot but it doesn’t look it from your photos! I might have to make this edit too, any more suggestions? Oh, and have you made any more… like one for everyday of the week?

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