2018 Christmas Gift Guide

Ella Says Happy Christmas

Oh, what fun! We can start planning what we want to buy or be gifted around the seasonal holidays. So, without further ado, here is my round up of fantastic gifts.

First, if you’re in the London area, get yourself down to the Christmas shop at Liberty – this will put you right in the mood. Whilst there, you might want to stop by the haberdashery section… Go on, treat yourself!

liberty store tana lawn

If you insist on treating others, Liberty do the most gorgeous gift coins – their equivalent of vouchers. These make a lovely present for a friend.

Each year, I buy myself a Liberty bauble for my Christmas tree, though this year I might order a Vaginament from Felt Melon instead. Oh yes, my friends…


I’ve been a member at the Royal Festival Hall for years, and I really recommend it. This would make a lovely gift for someone. You get access to their members’ bar on the sixth floor and it’s a great place to escape to – for work or play. It’s great for meeting people, as you’re right next to Waterloo and when the South Bank is rammed you’re guaranteed a sit down. Plus you get priority tickets to events – though that didn’t help when I tried to buy tickets for the Michelle Obama event. There were 8000 people ahead of me in the queue!

Let’s talk sewing! My number one gift to drop hints about would be a clapper. I love mine sooooooo much.

clapper ii

Did you see that Ernest Wright are back in business? I can’t keep up! But hopefully they might have scissors ready for Christmas.

ernest wright scissors july

If you’re dropping hints, share a link to the Beyond Measure website and say, ‘One of everything, please.’ Is there anything they sell that isn’t beautiful?

beyond measure

A few years ago, I ordered a bamboo laptop stand. Oh my goodness, it’s been one of my best-used items. I’m writing from it now! Go on, add that to your Amazon wishlist.

Talking of bamboo, what about bamboo jersey? When I saw this in the window at Ray Stitch, I honestly thought it was silk. Christmas is a great opportunity to drop hints about fabrics you might not normally treat yourself to.

bamboo jersey

And if you’re going all out with the Christmas hints, maybe you can suggest to loved ones that a trip to Europe to visit a Stoff & Stil store is really only all you deserve! Check out their store locator – they’re everywhere! I can promise you, their sewing supermarkets are heaven on earth. Can you spot yours truly?

stoff & stil

Okay, that’s it from me. Happy planning, everyone! (This is me in my Christmas Day Skirt – Simplicity 2451.)

Christmas skirt

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18 Responses to 2018 Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Julie White says:

    Love the skirt and have to say the vagiment is rather beautiful! We’re planning a trip to Eastern Europe in our campervan next year and the Stoff and Stil store locator will definitely be studied for the route through Germany, might have to leave out some clothes to make sure there is extra rooom. Thank you for those Christmas suggestions Karen x

  2. Jan Carr says:

    Dear Karen lovely pics and ideas as always – really want to try some bamboo jersey.
    This is what I’m doing for Christmas:
    I’m trying to make much more than I buy (unless they’re really good books, ovvy) and ideally make from my stash . I’ve got some stuff out to make those cyclindrical wrap round yourneck twice fabric scarves – hopefully only take 5 mins to make
    I re-use last year’s wrapping – it’s actually on year 4 at least.
    Because I have a few people round, instead of sellotape, I brighten up my recyclable brown paper with colour-coded chiffon ties – also makes paper reusing easier.

  3. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says:

    Love your posts. ! I live in a small , humid , hot southern town in the U.S. Have been advised to move to a cold climate for health reasons but who can afford to move. Love your creations.

  4. A trip to Stoff and stil would definitely be the perfect Christmas present!

  5. Suzanne McAleenan says:

    Best morning wake up in a long, long time 😘 Thank you Karen!
    Cheers, Suzanne (the vagina designa)

  6. Brenda says:

    The sewing gifts look awesome (but I can’t stand Michelle Obama).

  7. Mary says:

    I love Michelle. I hate the Trumps. I worked the polls on Election Day. The old suited up farts, rude old men were Republicans. the young nice people were Democrats.

  8. Marina says:

    Karen you are the “great enabler”. I loved this post and the great gifts you mentioned. Problem is I want to keep all the items i bought especially a smiley thimble and most beautiful pink measuring tape. More ideas please.

  9. I want a jingle-fanny on my tree now!

  10. Ok. That vaginamint is amazing. Amazing.

  11. Brenda says:

    The vaginament is disgusting and perverted. I am unsubscribing to your blog.

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