Can YOU Wear Yellow?

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So, who is it who even decided we can’t wear yellow? It’s one of those rules that may make sense for some, but doesn’t seem to work for me.

Is it like other rules we encounter?

  • Older women can’t wear black
  • Never mix pink and red
  • Animal prints aren’t a neutral

I’m clearly not buying it.

This is my second make of the Tilly And The Buttons Nora Top. Lord, I love this pattern – it’s sooooo cosy. I may love the fabric even more – a fleece back jersey from Sew Me Sunshine. It’s listed as a mustard, but I’d call it saffron. Whichever, it works!

how to sew with fleece jersey.jpg

Look at that super cute box split! And those longer arms that keep your wrists cosy. I adore the deep sleeve hem which gives you the illusion of a cuff hem with much less bother.

nora top did you make that

This is the perfect make for these cold, windy days. My adjustment details from the first make are here. I want to make seven for every day of the week! Might I? Too much?!

It’s teamed with my B6178 culottes, which have become a go-to pattern for me. Seriously, find yourself some wool suiting and you have a gorgeous pair of autumnal trousers. If you ensure that there’s enough sheen to your wool, you can even wear them with tights.

how to sew wool culottes

These photos were taken after a morning at my desk, so you can see how this jersey wears – very well.

So, yeah. What do you reckon? Would you wear yellow/mustard/saffron/gold? Over to you!

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38 Responses to Can YOU Wear Yellow?

  1. I believe I have broken all those “rules”-all the time!!! LOL. Beautiful top and color!!! I think that it just depends on the shade of yellow whether it’s flattering or not. I LOVE mustard yellow.

  2. lauriesannie says:

    Looks really good on you. Me, not so much.

  3. Mary Deeter says:

    I break the rules all the time…I love yellow, but with my skin tone it makes me look sick. Your sweater looks lovely on you!

  4. Kim Nath says:

    I think people should wear what they love no matter what. You look great and I love that color with your hair.

  5. I break most of the rules, but I don’t wear yellow. Not because it’s a supposed rule, but because I find it no longer works with my head of gray hair. No big deal, there are plenty of other colors😊. The yellow looks great on you.

  6. lauralei563 says:

    Keep breaking the rules. I love your style .

  7. Gillian Anderson says:

    Loving the look, and the colours. Can you explain what you mean about the sheen on the wool affecting tights? Am I missing something? I’d love to make some culottes for winter but now I’m a tad worried.
    By the way, I once read a blog post that mentioned you shouldn’t wear white trousers after Labour Day – assuming you hail from the US of course. Why? Does it send the thanksgiving turkeys into a premature moult?

  8. runsewread says:

    You are wearing that color well. The Nora style looks lovely with it. What is it about that deep yellow this season? I’ve always been afraid to wear yellow, but this month I had to buy some for myself I plan to make Tilly’s Coco dress with it. I hope I can pull off the color as successfully as you have.

  9. Beth Duffus says:

    I think it’s all about your skin and hair tones; yours are warm so you suit the warm, hint-of-orange, mustard yellow. I got away with wearing warm colours until I grew out my hair to its natural silver last year so now I’m definitely a cool-tone and, to my surprise, cool lemon yellow now looks great whereas the mustards look pretty awful. I had to change all my make up too. Out went the warm almonds and ivorys and in came the cool rose pinks. It makes a huge difference.

  10. Pamela says:

    A bookrelated question – I hope you don’t mind? Did you recommend a children’s bookcalled the 12 Dancing Prinesses? It had a strong female flavour – I would like to buy it for my neice but don’t know what edition it is.

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Ah, I think this is Jessie Burton’s The Restless Girls, which is a feminist retelling of the twelve dancing princesses! It’s super lovely.

  11. Karin says:

    I think it suits your hair and skincolor very well! And I love the grey/yellow combination for like, anything. I only have a yellow skirt- I think my skin tone doesn’t suit yellow very well so I try to keep it away from my face.

  12. Janey says:

    I do all of those things!!!

  13. I adore this outfit! I too have started wearing a lot of yellow this year after years of avoiding it because I’m pale with blue undertones. My personal trick is to stay in the saffron or marigold range which seems to look better than a brown toned mustard. A bright buttery yellow works well with my skin too. Yay for sunshine colors!

  14. tinyacorns says:

    I wear yellow, and pink and red together, although not at the same time as yellow clearly! Although who says I couldn’t. Basically I ignore rules. Love your top

    • didyoumakethat says:

      I love pink and red together, though I remember a friend being HORRIFIED that I’d wear them in the same outfit.

  15. Lynn says:

    I love that yellow, it just doesn’t love me. I am very fair with Ash blond hair. If I wear any yellow besides a very pale, pastel yellow everyone asks if I’m feeling OK. Seriously, even total strangers. So, I don’t wear yellow but not because of some fashion “rule”.

  16. Robin says:

    Your yellow and gray look marvelous together, love the proportions too. So modern.

    I keep trying new colors all the time, but blue keeps catching my eye. I try not to be bothered by whether or not a color looks best or less-than on me, and go with what I can afford that makes me happy. Lately that is cosy sweater knits in harvest tones.

  17. I am pretty sure there’s a version of every primary and secondary colour that suits someone. That’s a glorious colour, call it whatever you like it’s definitely got that spicy realness.

  18. shoes15 says:

    You have s good coloring for it. I wear yellow as bottoms but never tops – it pulls out a sallowness in my complexion

  19. I look like a sick chicken in yellow. So, no.

  20. Bugger the rules…but I don’t wear yellow because it is horrible with my skintone- ANY shade of yellow. It looks fab on you [and on my missus of course], but I’ll stick to my purples, blues and greens!

  21. Stacy says:

    Fabulous outfit. I love it.

  22. peggy leah says:

    Make seven. Why not? They’ll all look different anyway. Let us see the other six
    when they’re finished. I like the color and as everyone else says, it looks good on
    you so why question it. With gray? Excellent.

  23. Would never wear yellow – colour consultant said I have yellow skin, yellow eyes, yellow hair = can’t wear yellow

  24. JustGail says:

    and don’t forget the old saying “blue with green should never be seen”. I never could understand that – green trees against blue sky is gorgeous! A bouquet of pinks & reds flowers, especially roses – beautiful! As far as wearing certain colors, or what to combine – it totally depends on the tone/shade/value of the colors. I can’t wear bright yellow, but a soft butter yellow is fine. Some colors may need brightened or softened as a person ages and their coloring changes. But a blanket “thou shalt not wear…” All I can say is “Oh HELL no with that!” 🙂

    • didyoumakethat says:

      That’s a good point on shades of colour. I’m constantly fascinated by how many different reds there are out there!

  25. Can’t wear mustard. It’s instantly zombiefying. Bright yellows esp with a hint of red in the colour, works great. As for red/pink? I have an old marimekko blouse/shirt that I adore. It’s a big, bold pattern of squares and rectangles in red, pink and orange. It’s fabulous! So fabulous I even have a canvas shopper with the same fabric design. 😁

  26. Arletta says:

    Rules? I never cared about them. I honestly do not know whether I can wear mustard or not. But one thing I know for sure: mustard is my favourite colour. And therefore I wear mustard. It’s as simple as that. And nobody will ever be forced to look at me should the mustard be somehow… not suiting me so well 🙂 Anyway, mustard looks great on you and combined with grey it’s a fabulous outfit!

  27. Yellow is the first colour to be seen is a room as it reflects back a lot of light – so wear yellow and stand out! Always a good idea in my book. Love those yellow shoes – which will make your toes twinkle so if you’re dancing just make sure you’re doing the steps right!

  28. niqueknacks says:

    I had this problem of color rules with my wedding; I asked both sides of the family to wear yellow or orange (the wedding colors). Almost no one wore yellow and there was a lot more coral as everyone kept telling me that they look terrible in orange and especially yellow (no matter what there skin tone was).
    I think everyone can find a shade of all the basic colors (primary/secondary) colors.
    I hated wearing pink, because I just looked “washed out” when I wore it; until I realized that it was just hot pink; I now treat “millennial-pink” as a neutral and wear it all the time.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying wearing another color; it looks great on you.

  29. zuleikaa says:

    @niqueknacks – I can’t wear warm colours near my face. I’ll wear red, orange, etc as tights or shoes – but nowhere near my face. I’ve got red hair and the skin that goes with that; I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t look any good at all.

  30. Rachel says:

    I love yellow, and love to wear it, but my favourite sunshine-y yellow turns my face to a bright tomato red, so I stay away. I like a good mustard, though, and will wear most shades of yellow on bottom or mixed in a pattern.

  31. sallyhenbest says:

    I have some material just like that and have been looking and looking for what to make. You have decided that for me. Thank you so much:)

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