Sewing With Mermaid Sequins

sequin Collage

how to sew with sequins and jersey

Finally! Some successful sewing!! This is the Tilly and the Buttons Nora top, sewn with a mermaid sequin panel. Isn’t it lush?

If you aren’t already aware, mermaid sequins allow you to change the colour of the sequin according to which way you choose to run your hand up and down the panel of fabric.

sequin detail red and black

I bought these sequins from New Fabric Shop on Walthamstow market at £10 a metre.

how to sew a sequin top

A few tips:

Decide which colour you want to dominate your make and have those colour sequins running down your body.

Cut the sequin fabric out with household scissors. Don’t use your beloved super sharp sewing scissors.

Underline your sequin fabric to avoid scratchy surfaces against your skin.

cutting out sequin fabric

Be prepared for lots of sequins to be scattered around your workplace.

Expect to lose some needles unless you sew slowly. I lost four overlocker needles, until I realised I needed to sew slowwwwly.

Everyone says we should pick out sequins from the seam allowance. Go on, knock yourself out. I couldn’t be bothered.

Finally, have fun! This is such great fabric. I twinned the panel with jersey and I love the combination, especially with my wool trousers. A bit of bling goes well with more muted tones.

How would you sew with sequins?

mermaid sequins

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16 Responses to Sewing With Mermaid Sequins

  1. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says:

    Love your blogs. I would sew very carefully with sequins . Your tip is awesome .

  2. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says:

    Not tip = top.

  3. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Still not sure sequins are for me, but appreciate your hints, especially about ignoring the cut-from-seam-before-sewing one. LOL!
    Have been most interested to see your new hair colour. Hope you are pleased, as imho it looks mah-veh-lucious!
    del 😘

  4. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says:

    I love it! yesterday I pulled out some sequined fabric and then put it away, decided it was too much! but now I think I will sew it up. thanks for the inspiration:)

    • didyoumakethat says:

      I think twinning the sequins with jersey (and the wool trousers) stops the bling getting too much! Thank you.

  5. Robin says:

    That seems like a fantastic price for such a sparkly fabric, and so much fun too! Bet you you didn’t need much either. I’ll have to look for that fabric in the states.

  6. skaapie says:

    I too have some sequin fabric knocking around but keep being put off because I don’t have any functions to wear sparkly dresses or tops to. But a sparkly jumper is far more manageable! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Allison says:

    Love! It came out really cute!

  8. LinB says:

    Have sewn enough with sequins over the decades that I need never do that again, if I don’t want to. Have fun doing it, your ownself!

    Sequinned fabrics are all so very, very different from one another. I much prefer adding individual sequins to a design, by hand, than sewing up four men’s vests in bright purple for a barbershop quartet costume, or altering high-end pageant gowns.

  9. Cute! I never made it to that shop but dropped a lot of cash in Asia Africa Fabrics, on sequin Astrology and sequin fringed fabrics funnily enough! I sew with sequins more than any other fabric these days thanks to my other life, and I use a heavier needle like a 90-100 weight. I don’t bother overlocking as it won’t unravel and the overlocking traps the shards of sequn inside itself. Always sew in the direction that the sequins lie when top stitching or binding, so the foot isn’t trying to separate them, that’s a pain!
    And oh yes they are scratchy, mean motherhummers so lining or wearing something under is a must. 🙂
    Lastly, to finish edges, I bind with bias or lace as hemming or facing such chunky fabric is not ideal. This is a link to my fave sequin costume, which is bound edged with 15mm black lace, The bolero sleeves are a stretch net with appliques cut from the fabric.

  10. Kathy Lynch says:

    You’re right; somehow the sparklies combined with the “sober” jersey & wool give the perfect balance! It looks so fun & your happy smile says it all! (12 out of 10!) x

  11. Simona says:

    Oh, I love your top. Thanks you for the tips on how to work with sequins. I’ll for sure add sewing with sequins to my sewing list.

  12. Nicole says:

    That sequin fabric is really beautiful. Really scared of sewing sequins, I feel like ill damage my sewing machine.

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