When Blog Readers Help You Write A Book

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It’s publication week for The Little Book of Sewing! Have you been joining in the Instagram fun #thelittlebookofsewing? I’ve seen so many great and inspiring stories, including how this book inspired Kathy of Sew Dainty to launch her own jewellery business. Check out those acrylic scissors – swoon!

sew dainty

Sew Dainty Jewellery

Of course, it takes more than one person to write a book. From my editor, Ellen, to Sam who designed the cover, to the production person who picked out those gorgeous yellow endpapers to … you, dear readers!

sewing book

The moment I began the writing journey, I knew that I wanted to include my blog readers. I’ve always said that half the sewing wisdom at Did You Make That comes from the friends who leave comments. And I was determined that wisdom would find its way into this book!


Each chapter has a different emotional theme, from kindness to self image, sexuality to aspiration. And each chapter features quotes…


But I didn’t only want to feature quotes from famous people. I wanted to feature quotes from … YOU! And with permission, that’s exactly what I did. Here are a selection, taken from the book:

reader quotes Image

It was so much fun selecting quotes and then reaching out to readers! Everyone had a story to share behind their quote and I felt as though we were really writing this book together. Thank you to all the people who contributed.

It’s the book launch in a few days, which means I really should crack on with some sewing. Shall I see you there? We need to celebrate together, too!

If you’ve enjoyed The Little Book of Sewing don’t forget to leave an Amazon review!

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5 Responses to When Blog Readers Help You Write A Book

  1. Meg An says:

    Hi Is the book about sewing and how to, etc or more of a musings about sewing and life?

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Anne gives a very good summary in her comment! It’s kind of both – sewing musings, plus hints and tips. It’s not an exhaustive How To, but you’ll find lots of practical advice in amongst the essays.

  2. anne says:

    My pre-ordered book arrived from Amazon this week and I have already had a good browse. I felt that the content was so encouraging and I felt cheered by the notion that my body was an engineering challenge rather than a fitting problem! The sewing advice is geared more towards beginners and improvers but that is the group most needing your encouragement. My sister is thinking of getting back to sewing after a long gap and I think she too will appreciate your book.

    Even pretty experienced sewers will find nuggets of wisdom and new sources of information within. I have already signed up to join a group sewing for other people.

    Thank you for writing this book.


  3. Janine Sews says:

    Karen, I’ve been following the excitement on Instagram. Congratulations on achieving this goal! Is this available on Amazon in the States? If not, I’ll add it to my shopping list for the London visit this summer.

  4. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Alas, being across the pond in America my copy hasn’t arrived yet. (I ordered it from amazon.co.uk and would have gotten the kindle version, too, but that’s not available to download over here. Bummer.) From all you and others have shared, this should have wide appeal to any creative soul, as your post shows.
    Heartwarming! ❤️

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