The Launch Party Of Dreams!

Having fun at the launch party! copy

Last Thursday we celebrated publication of The Little Book of Sewing with a party at The Village Haberdashery – and what a party it was!

I’d ordered photo-printed cupcakes carrying miniature images of the book cover but – doh! – ordered them for the wrong day. Still, that didn’t spoil our fun.

Kate of The Foldline arrived early to film a pre-party book interview with me – you can see it here.

karen with the foldline

I had lots of butterflies in my tummy, but once people started to arrive I calmed down. Thanks so much for joining me, if you were there! There was lots of laughter and chat – everyone got on so well and it was lovely to introduce friends from different spheres of my life.

speckled pen launch party

I gave a little speech, gulping back the emotion, signed books – and laughed like a drain when someone mistook my editor friend, Jon, for TMOS!

As part of the speech, I made people cheer if they could answer YES to the following three questions. Which question do you think received the loudest cheer?

  1. Do you ever buy fabric with no idea what you’re going to use it for?
  2. Do you ever sew naked?
  3. Do you ever sew whilst drinking alcohol?

I love this photo of myself, Tilly and Rachel. If ever there was proof of sewing’s worth, it’s these three very different female bodies.

tilly karen rachel sewing community

And, of course, I wore my red dress – also of dreams. I felt very comfortable in it. I’m going to sew one for a friend – and I hardly ever sew for friends!

I wish you could all have been there, but it would have been a very crowded room … and the prosecco would have disappeared early!

With thanks to The Village Haberdashery and Head of Zeus.

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7 Responses to The Launch Party Of Dreams!

  1. Jenny Lester says:

    Look like you had a wonderful time and lots of adoring followers turned up! Sorry I couldn’t be there – did you invite TMOS😂😂 lots of luck with the book sales!!

  2. So awesome! I got your book over here in West Virginia the other day – I love it so much!!!

  3. It looks like it turned out great!!! What a successful launch!!

  4. Congratulations Karen! Looks like great fun and love the dress

  5. this post made me smile a lot, in seeing the happy faces in the photographs and for your success.

  6. Jeanne Hallgren says:

    Bravo Karen! It’s been lovely reading about your journey, and what a success! I look forward to your further adventures. Congratulations, and a pat on the head for Ella!

  7. Louise Hardy says:

    Looks like a great party ! My copy of the book arrived today – love the “To TMOS” – trying not to read it too greedily all at once. Best wishes for continued success, your blog has rescued my sewing mojo more than once after its’ disappearance.

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