Haven’t I Seen That Dress Before?

sewing with tea rose fabric

Do your eyes deceive you? Haven’t you seen this Deer & Doe Myosotis dress before? Why yes, you have – here!

I decided to pay an homage to Marie of A Stitching Odyssey. Oh, who am I kidding? I copied her. EXACTLY. Even down to the buttons.

Fortunately, Marie and I are good friends and I knew she wouldn’t mind. Love you, Marie! We’re now determined to bag a photoshoot together in our matching dresses. Wouldn’t that be fun?

I hope you agree, this dress is worth copying. The claret tea rose viscose is full of the most gorgeous fluid drape. Just look at those beautiful sleeves!

how to sew a dress in viscose

myosotis dress sleeve detail

This dress did not come without its trials and tribulations. I didn’t order enough fabric. By the time I realised, Fabric Godmother had sold out. I sent a frantic email. Fortunately, Josie had 0.8 metres left on the end of the bolt and sent it to me. Phewee! That’s customer service for you.

A Twitter friend recently posted, ‘What is viscose? Will it keep me cool or make me hot?’ If you want to learn all about viscose, read my Fabric Focus here. It really does make for a dreamy, breathable summer dress.

This viscose was so fluid as to be a teeny bit unstable. Stay stitching and gentle easing was definitely needed, and I wouldn’t hang this dress on a wire coat hanger.

But this delicious project was worth some of the stress. I took a lot of care over the bodice construction and I hope this dress will see me through several summers.

This is my fourth wearable Myositis Dress, and I think I’m done with this pattern now. (There was a fifth that didn’t work out.) I’m ready to move on. But, oh, to emulate Marie of A Stitching Odyssey. Is there anything more to aspire to? I think not!

Imitating other Sewists seems to be becoming a theme. Don’t show me your sewing! I’ll probably copy it…

red myosotis dress

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6 Responses to Haven’t I Seen That Dress Before?

  1. Julie Terry says:

    This is your best Myosotis yet! Really suits you!

  2. coliclothing says:

    Super beautiful print and awesome construction! Great job! 🙂

  3. love that color on you, fantastic look.

  4. Catharine Bird says:

    I finished a toile last night and am cutting out similar fabric today. How did you finish the seams, especially the shoulders and waist?

  5. Chris Butler says:

    Clearly you’ve both got great taste – looks fabulous on your both!

  6. AmyLou says:

    That dress is beautiful. Love the colour and the fabric!

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