Turning Seven, Turning Metallic

how to sew ogden cami

Oh, man! We can agree that it’s been way too long since Ella last appeared on Did You Make That. Did you know that she’s just turned seven? And next year, I turn 50! How does any of this even happen?

Ella remains playful, stubborn, affectionate and such great company. She is also my BEST filter of fellow human beings. I largely reserve judgement until people have met Ella, and I continue to find her responses fascinating. She crosses the road to avoid people who are off their proverbials. Walthamstow continues to be a vibrant and diverse community – with all that entails. Yet, how does she know?! A little dog can have no concept of alcohol or drugs and yet … she most definitely knows. ‘Come on, Karen. We’re crossing the street.’ Some people who I don’t like, she loves. Others, we both adore. A few, we equally despise.

But to date, she agrees that a person who sews can only be good to the depth of their soul. I genuinely believe this! We invest our hearts into sewing. I just don’t believe that a bad person can do good creating.

sewing denim

So, sewing. I fear this outfit entered my arsenal two months too late. It’s a summer outfit, despite the nip of autumnal air that now trails our morning dog walks. Still, I hope to get some wears out of this as each day warms up.

And actually, this is a great example of the Ogden cami worn as a layering outfit! As I’ve said before, don’t see this simple top as a purely summer make. It’s adaptable. I made this version with cotton lawn bought from The Cambridge Fabric Company. I believe the fabric is Lady McElroy, but know no more than that.

The B6178 culottes were made from cheap as chips cotton from The Man Outside Sainsburys. I wanted a good neutral that would go with lots of outfits. Still, during construction, I worried that these were looking a tad boring. So I added some metallic fabric paint swipes around the trouser hems! Literally used nothing more than my finger dipped into the liquid, left to dry and sealed in with the press of a hot iron.

metallic fabric paint

A nice, cool outfit for the few warm days we have left. A little dog to cuddle. A touch of sparkle.

Not bad, when the days are growing shorter. What do you say, Ella?

how to use metallic fabric paint

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7 Responses to Turning Seven, Turning Metallic

  1. Happy birthday Ella! I remember you writing about getting her- it seems crazy that it’s been seven years already!

  2. Cherie says:

    Cute bling trick! Cute dog! Cute you!

  3. SANDRA COX says:

    Happy birthday Ella! It’s always a pleasure to see you!

  4. PoundCake says:

    Happy seven x seven birthday, Ella! (Are dog years real, or is one human year = seven dog years just something kids tell each other?) And happy approaching birthday to you! Hooray, get your sparkle on!

  5. Sarah says:

    I love the whole outfit, you are rocking it! 50 is also round the corner for me, so its always good to see others who rocking it! xx

  6. Sarah says:

    Oh and of course Happy Birthday to Ella!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Happy birthday Ella. I remember you arriving on the blog scene!
    Flew to La Rochelle today for a family gathering, including the high flying ( in more ways) daughters, to celebrate my son in laws 50th. Have no idea why I have landed up with ‘younger’ relatives in their 50s. But please note – started to reread your book on the plane and am now itching to get back to my sewing machine. 😍 Jx

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