2019 – Inspired And Inspiring

It’s fun AND mindful to look back, look forwards – to remember the best (to not mind the worst) and hope for more to come. How was your 2019? I have to admit, I needed to scratch my head to remember all of mine – the past 12 months flew by in a whirlwind.

2019 was my year of the Myosotis dress – dang, I love this pattern. It struck a chord as the high street has been full of gathered, tiered dresses and it’s always fun to put your own spin on things. All of my successful Myosotis makes have been worn in HEAVY rotation and I have others planned.

Myosotis Collage

red myosotis dress

myosotis dress in silk

myositis with marie

And, of course, 2019 saw publication of The Little Book Of Sewing, with a fabulous launch party and the support of so many sewing friends. Thanks to all the people who have left an Amazon review. If you enjoyed the book over Christmas, do pop over there and share your own thoughts – reviews make a big different to the big A’s algorithms, and that makes this author and her publisher very happy indeed.

The Little Book Of Sewing newsletter

speckled pen launch party

karen with the foldline

Behind the scenes, I grew my fortnightly newsletter – over 3,000 people subscribe and you should definitely sign up if you fancy some extra reading in bed on a cosy Sunday morning.

Work has been crazy busy and so much fun! I’ve contributed to a few books you’ll see in the next year. I’ve been growing my hair. I got a new fella. I have a secret project I’ve been working on for months. And – don’t faint – I’ve been sewing and knitting! I’m looking forward to sharing my recent makes with you.

I turn 50 next month, so for me this really is the start of a whole new decade. I wasn’t a big fan of my 40s, to be frank, so I’m throwing myself with gay abandon into this new life stage. Exciting! Do you have lots planned? Do share, you might inspire me.


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13 Responses to 2019 – Inspired And Inspiring

  1. That all sounds great. Enjoy! I especially like the fruity/planty version of the dress above.

  2. Melody Srygley says:

    Congratulations on a successful year!
    I’m hopeful about the new decade. (HAS to be better than the last!)
    My fifties were awesome. (Homelife, health, work, travel. The whole shebang.) So embrace & enjoy!
    P.S. I missed the chalk board
    P.P.S. I wish fortnightly were weekly, but I understand. : =)

  3. Connie Turner says:

    You are inspiring and so is Ella.

  4. Have loved reading about your sewing and overall life adventures for several years now. Here’s hoping your 50s are wonderful. Happy to hear there is a new guy in your life. And I’m so glad I bought your book. Now to decide if the Myosotis dress is for me!

  5. Allison says:

    I think I have been living my best life in my 50s!! I also have the little desk thing with the emojis lol.

  6. An older woman I respected said once that if she could choose any age to be for forever it would be 50. I looked forward to 50 eagerly to see what I thought. It was GREAT! Now, at 51, I am thinking the 50s generally might be about the best time of life.

  7. I will be turning 50 in the summer and at the moment I am unsure how I feel about it. I will be following your lead and trying to see the positives!

  8. Clou says:

    Darlings, I’ll be turning 70 in the next few months and am delighted! I have never felt so free to be me, wear what I want, pursue what I want. As long as I keep moving, I will keep moving.

  9. Natalie Cone says:

    How fun! These dresses are adorable! Cute and casual and free.

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