Sewing With A Polka Dot

nora top tilly and the buttons

Have you guys seen polka dots EVERYWHERE this season? I have! The great thing about sewing is that we all likely have a polka dot somewhere in our stash, so we can crown ourselves officially ahead of the trend.

Winning at life.

On which basis, I sewed a Tilly And The Buttons Nora Top!

tilly and the buttons nora top

I don’t entirely buy the received wisdom that knits are easier to sew with than wovens. Sure, the fitting is more straightforward, but with each knit you spend some time (at least!) understanding the fabric’s structure and behaviour. Patterns for knit makes forewarn you to explore the personality of your fabric with swatch tests. Interesting.

So, it proved to be with this knit bought … somewhere off Walthamstow market. It’s not TMOS. The fabric is definitely a knit, but with almost no stretch – so ostensibly a woven. I needed to add four inches to the length of the collar band alone.

how to sew with polka dots

I also ended up using fusible interfacing to stabilise the hems. Always a good tip with knit fabric hems, as long as your interfacing is lightweight good quality. I recommend this resource.

But what a gorgeous top this is! Tilly really is the queen of fast and simple makes that allow you to feel creative with a minimum of head scratching.

The top is teamed with – YET ANOTHER! – pair of B6178 culottes. I will never stop loving this pattern.

I wasn’t sure about the size of these polka dots for a top, but I think they work perfectly. I’m almost tempted to make a pair of small polka dot print culottes to wear with this. If you have any fabric suggestions, let me know!

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7 Responses to Sewing With A Polka Dot

  1. Irene says:

    Love that size of polka dot. Boden have a dress with that size of dot – I’d love to find a woven cotton like that.

  2. kristimcgree says:

    There is nothing like polka dots to brighten a day!!!!!!

  3. Love the top! Did you have to make a muslin first and did you make any adjustments to the pattern?

  4. I have some woven polka dot a bit smaller than that – about to make it up into various things – and the same local shop has some smaller still. I bought it last year.

  5. Allison says:

    Love polka dots in a rainbow of colors! Super cute!

  6. kssews says:

    That size dot is great on that top!!

  7. Susan Linfield says:

    Thank you so much for the link to the great range of interfacing. Incredible choice which I will investigate.

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