Playing With MakeUp And Dresses

double gauze dress

Let’s play with makeup and dresses, shall we?

This outfit was sewn from wine-coloured double gauze bought from eBay, with a metallic gold dot. It’s super cute, wears and launders well – what’s not to like? Of course, because of those gold dots, I pressed the fabric on the wrong side, and not at top heat. If I pressed from the right side, I’d use my silk organza press cloth.

Double gauze is perfect for a tiered dress. It’s so relaxed and dreamy.

You can see other of my double gauze makes here and here.

sewing with double gauze

The great thing about making a floaty dress from double gauze is that you don’t need to bother with pressing the make after it’s been through the washing machine. Those little, ridged pillows of fabric just add to the texture.

metallic dot double gauze

The outfit is a combination of the short-sleeve bodice from the Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress and the tiered skirts of the Myosotis Dress. A winning combination!

So, all levity to one side, how are you doing? Ella and I are staying fairly buoyant, and taking advantage of our one opportunity to exercise each day. This afternoon, we bumped into a sewing friend in Epping Forest – keeping a respectful distance, of course.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Play with makeup and dresses!

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12 Responses to Playing With MakeUp And Dresses

  1. Sewniptuck says:

    What an excellent idea, sure beats tracks sacks and unwashed hair! Thanks for the inspo, Iā€™m going to do just that, dress and make up today for me! Hugs from Sydney, virtual of course!

  2. I really like the dress. We got a chance to take a lot of recycling to the dump today, which works fine since we are expected to do it for ourselves anyhow, so no contact with people happened. The lines for this little town dump in noplacespecial, New York, had a line that lasted maybe an hour, and I suspect people just wanted an excuse to get out of the house.

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Wow, queueing for the dump. Who would have thought it?

      • There is absolutely nothing else around to go to except the supermarket five miles away, which also gets swamped but which has a lot more parking. The dump usually is not packed, but they have rearranged the driving portions to try to streamline it, which makes it much worse. It’s boonieville, and usually it all works fine. It’s the only collection of traffic I have seen in weeks.

  3. That looks amazing and I’ve been eyeing up the double gauze as so pretty, bought some for my daughter for Christmas, which she’s waiting to make until she’s practised the patterns, haven’t bought any for me yet.

    I’ve been avoiding Epping Forest for the last few days as I thought it would be full of people. It’s 20 minutes walk away and we have been walking there regularly. I’m far enough out to be in countryside with a choice of walks: the fields are 10 minutes away at the nearest, 20 minutes the furthest, so I’ve been heading in other less crowded directions. We’re in isolation as my daughter has not been well with a cough and feverish symptoms and I’ve had very mild symptoms, but next Wednesday I can go shopping.

    • didyoumakethat says:

      The forest WAS busy with people, and if you can get out to empty countryside I think that’s the right thing to do! Oh, I hope you and your daughter recover soon. Sending you love and a virtual hug!

  4. Great dress, so floaty. Stay safe. Jo x

  5. We have been confined for 2 weeks now. I don’t have a dog, so no walks outside for me, even when I live in a small rural area with lots of open country, I am the school teacher, so I don’t want my students see me ignoring the prohibition. I am lucky to have a big terrace and a walking machine. And I keep very busy working with my students online. I am also sewing every day as usual. I have made 2 unworn dresses (well, I put on one of them with sleepers for a videoconference, haha!), so now I’ve moved to couture: sloooooow sewing. I’ve been sewing face masks too, for the local Home workers. Well, friends, stay indoors, stay safe.

  6. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Such a good idea, Karen – thank you! This is my 3rd week of staying inside, but as it’s my usual practice, not much different. Yet somehow it is, as it forces me to think before I open my front door. Must admit to a usual practice of mornings in jammies, dressing around noon…ish. šŸ˜‰ We do have to take trash out and that’s a bit of an uphill hike, unless one can toss it into the car and drive. šŸ™€ So glad you & Ella are allowed out once a day. Must thank you for taking us on IG with you. Seeing another country is always lovely! virtual šŸ’‹ šŸ’‹ to you both! from del in southern U.S.

  7. PoundCake says:

    I love playing dress-up in my clothes! Usually instead of bedtime, for some reason. I love the dress and the styling! I’ve never actually ordered fabric from eBay…but you might be encouraging me to try!

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