Sewing A Dress In Lockdown

myosotis dress how to sew

Can you snap out of a sewing slump during lockdown?

Lately, I’ve only been sewing items for the home. I couldn’t get my head around sewing scrubs or masks. Equally, I felt no compunction to sew pretty dresses.

But then, I had a stash that was sitting there doing … precisely nothing. In a fit of desperation, I closed my eyes and reached into my secret cupboard, pulling out the first bolt of fabric that my fingers closed around.


Bought a couple of years ago in a sale from Ditto Fabrics. At the time of purchase, I was on a fairly unsuccessful solo break. Desperate to get away from home, but with no strong desire to see anyone else. A seagull stole my lunch. Ella and I battled our way through a stormy beach walk beneath heavy, gunmetal-grey skies. We arrived at a pub, drenched and oh-so-startlingly-solo.

Yes, it was quite the weekend.

I felt sorry for myself at the time. Couldn’t quite look at the fabric again.

And then Covid-19 happened.

how to sew with linen

I had fabric that deserved to be treated well. I deserved to treat myself well. And so, I began, with Ella by my side.

myostis dress in linen

It’s another Myosotis Dress. I’ve made many of them now!

The linen has a loose weave, so I underlined the bodice in muslin.

I also hand stitched the hems, as I couldn’t bear vulgar machine stitching on this oh-so-beautiful fabric.


hand stitching

Because my concentration was so poor, I sewed in five-minute moments only.

I’m glad I took my time. This dress has brought me joy and distraction.

How are you keeping yourself sane with sewing?

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25 Responses to Sewing A Dress In Lockdown

  1. Kay says:

    It is beautiful.

  2. Helena says:

    Wow what great material and yes you should have a beautiful dress in these difficult times. I think it’s my favourite one that you’ve shown. Enjoy wearing it it looks fabulous. 😊

  3. Cherry Heinrich says:

    Beautiful fabric which suits you so well. Interesting post – similarly unable to work on anything big. (I offer cross stitch as another type of the embroidery you showed). Totally new to me and unexpectedly a new obsession. I like your idea of five minutes at a time and may well try it. Thank you.

  4. run-sew-read says:

    The fabric and the dress are beautiful. It’s a lovely and perfect lockdown project. I find myself looking at the dresses and pretty things in my closet, and wondering when I’ll be wearing them again. Such a bewildering time. Thanks for sharing your uplifting project.

  5. Raquel says:

    Thank you Karen and Ella! You both look wonderful and cheer me up always. I’m struggling to make but I have the myositis pattern and some nice fabric- I feel like the 5 minute thing could work

  6. alison says:

    That dress is like a breath of fresh air – thank you for sharing. And five minutes at a time? That seems like just the reminder I need … that things are achievable.

  7. Lodi says:

    Lovely dress – and inspiration!

  8. LinB says:

    Good on you for making something lovely for yourself! I know it must lift your spirits every time you draw the dress over your head, to get ready for the day.

    Have sewn my fair share of cloth face masks. Have attacked the UFO pile of cut-out-but-not-yet-sewn garments — at least, the spring and summer garments. Winter is coming, but not for six more months.

    Have mostly been altering my favorite summer garments to fit again after a 30-pound weight loss. It’s a good problem, but it’s still a problem. (Not bragging: a new-to-me diabetes medication works by keeping a patient so constantly nauseated that he/she drastically cuts food intake. I belch a lot now. It’s not attractive.)

    You know it’s time to take in a waistline when you don’t have to unbutton or unzip your trews to perform bodily functions … or when you have to hold onto the waistband when you attempt stairs, so that you do not walk out of your clothes and entangle your feet and fall to a painful, bloody death in the stairwell (empty because you are the only person in the building that day). The struggle is real.

  9. Janet Bruce says:

    Nice dress! Perfectly timed for the onset of warmer weather. Weirdly, sewing is the one thing I can concentrate on. Since lockdown started I’ve churned out 2 x dresses, 2 x trousers, 2 x leggings, 3 x tops (actually, most were UFOs from last year, so it sounds more than it is). I’m now going to give sewing a rest and deal with the boring stuff I’ve been avoiding. 😒

  10. I LOVE!! My favorite style-button front with full skirt which I tend to alternate with full shirtdress extravaganza! Zipper backs are getting difficult as I get older lol!!! I have been trying to update and alter existing pieces to give myself a break from sewing masks.

  11. Roberta says:

    Really lovely dress!

  12. Beth (SunnyGal Studio) says:

    so pretty! and I am amazed by the mileage you get out of that pattern, they all look quite different.

  13. Linda Osborn says:

    You look so cute….very attractive outfit. I love the fabric. I love the pattern.
    I think I’ll purchase the pattern… have been so successful in using it
    with different fabrics….Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you get back your enthusiasm.

  14. This is absolutely stunning! The pretty fabric caught my eye first and then the use of my favorite dress pattern, the Myosotis. It must have been a comforting way to while away the time…

  15. Kathy Zachry says:

    Lovely fabric and a lovely dress! But those sky-blue shoes! I’d really love to see a post with a photo of your shoe closet with ALL those cute trainers lined up! (I’d call them tennis shoes here in the southern USA.) Show and tell, please? You see, I think you’re quite brave to style your dresses with comfortable footwear and forego toe pinching heels. You are really cute!

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Ha, ha – thank you! I have terrible feet, so comfy footwear is a must. I DO have a lot of trainers!!

  16. ROBYN A. WEINBAUM says:

    the inability to concentrate … i have patterns and fabrics stacked for my ‘down season’ which is usually late april [a two week break after April 15] well, that down season isn’t happening until summer, and my daughter is having a baby then. i have baby things to make, mommy things to make and i can’t concentrate. i finally started a crocheted baby quilt, but i am doing 9″ squares. small squares i can finish. anything else is too much right now. i love that dress, i love all your things.

  17. Denise Briese says:

    This dress is stunning!!! That fabric is to die for.

  18. Chris Butler says:

    Echoing all the other comments – beautiful fabric and another lovely Myosotis dress.

  19. An Chi says:

    beautiful dress, I love the pattern!

  20. Gill says:

    Gorgeous fabric and frock. I’ve made the stupidest things out of scraps: a rain hat (it hasn’t rained since lockdown), a handbag in corduroy (a fluff magnet), a car tidy (not using the car since lockdown) and a couple of frocks that are too nice for wearing at home. It doesn’t make me feel any less lost in this situation, but it gives structure to the day. Your blog is a reminder that everyoneis trying their best; thank you.

  21. Anne says:

    I love this post. Five minutes concentration is something I recognise. The most helpful quote given to me was, “This too will pass”. And it did! I too love your trainers and dresses style. I wear the same because of foot problems plus I like to wear dresses.

  22. Such a pretty dress! My sister and I have been sewing like crazyyyy in lockdown. So much fun!!

  23. Llinos Vincent says:

    Absolutely stunning. You are so talented and stylish

  24. jan says:

    Beautiful dress. I am now going to make myself a blouse out of some lovely rust colored linen blend. After weeks of masks, christmas presents and mending. I think it is time. So 2 blouses in the near future.

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