Clothes To Keep You Cool

Despite what you might think, more clothes can keep you cool during a heatwave!

On today – the hottest day in the UK year – I am wearing a long, viscose kimono over shorts and a silk Ogden cami. (You know they now have more bust sizes in the Ogden cami, right?)

It might feel counter-intuitive to wear more, but the sensation of a lightweight fabric billowing as you tip toe around the garden is ALL THE FEELS.

Of course, you might not be tip-toeing around a garden. You might be stuck in an overheated flat.

You still need to wear more layers!

This is why…

  • Natural fabrics for the win – no compacted heat
  • The breeze of billowing fabric helps
  • Your skin is protected
  • Breathable fabrics help wick sweat away
  • Of course, still get naked at night!

So, here’s a run down of kimonos I suggest you wear at your desk.

I’m sure you know more cover-ups to protect from the heat! Could you share them in the comments?

If you are too impatient to wait for a pattern, do remember that most kimonos are a series of squares and oblongs. Maybe you could draft one yourself?

Whilst we’re on the topic of drafting patterns, could I put out a plea? Pattern designers, might we have some summer shorts inspiration? One that’s not an adaptation of a trouser pattern. Every summer I search for a shorts pattern I like; every summer I fail.

Stay cool, peeps!

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3 Responses to Clothes To Keep You Cool

  1. Mary Deeter says:

    Have you considered the Closet Case/Core ( recent rebranding) Pietra Pants and shorts? There is a pants version, but the shorts are unique and look smart while being comfy. They are next up on my cutting table!

  2. kssews says:

    I’ve felt the same about shorts patterns. I want a PAIR OF SHORTS :-p I just finished S8389 though and I absolutely love them and will be making more!

    I have been wearing my Ogden camis and chambray tops a lot during this heat wave. Also, we hosted a shower for my daughter and on that 95 degree (F), humid day, a pair of linen/cotton blend pants were a lifesaver! Much cooler than a dress would have been!

  3. Mary in Thailand says:

    Are you ok? You haven’t posted anything in quite a while.
    Starting to wonder…

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