Skye Sundress At The Beach

This is the Tilly and the Buttons Skye Sundress in the mini-length – perfect for a day at the beach. I made this sweetheart dress in a cotton (now sadly sold out) bought from TMOS.

Do you recognise certain European landmarks in the print?

The empire-line bodice is super-sweet and easy to fit with delicate pleats beneath the bust. A person can try on and fit to their preference, though Tilly encourages Sewists to remember that this is meant to be a light and breezy dress. Indeed, I might size up on the bodice next time.

The armholes and squarish neckline are finished with narrow bias binding. I bought my satin bias binding after a failed attempt to make my own. The pattern instructions suggest top stitching the bias binding down. I didn’t do this because a) I don’t like the finish and b) good luck getting around those sharp curves without fabric puckering beneath your sewing machine foot. Instead, I hand stitched the folded bias binding down and was very glad I did.

I also used seam tape around the neckline, as recommended in the supplies. This stuff is the business! That neckline will not be bagging out or stretching any time soon.

It goes without saying that the dress layers perfectly with a cardigan. Indeed, I think this dress could be so much more than a sundress! With the right fabric choices, you could wear this year-round, layered with tights and woollens. Why not? It has deep pockets, three skirt lengths and a flattering neckline.

Win, win and win!

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12 Responses to Skye Sundress At The Beach

  1. Connie Turner says:

    The fabric when viewed close up reveals itself as the Tower of Pisa only w/o the lean? Anyway, I love the print and the colors used in the print and it does have a lovely neckline. You look wonderful in that pretty dress.

  2. Great dress. Love the print!!

  3. Nella Logan says:

    You look lovely! Good idea to wear it all year round with cardigan and tights

  4. Julie Terry says:

    Just gorgeous on the lovely IOW!

  5. Donna A says:

    Not my favorite. Looks like a maternity outfit and it would be great on a pregnant lady.

  6. Love it, what a fun print! The trick to flat bias is to steam the shape into t before you sew it on. you can get a really tight turn that way!

  7. Tanit-Isis says:

    It’s adorable! A perfect easy sundress (and I love your layering ideas too.)

  8. Kate says:

    I have just made this dress too in a very lightweight denim. I wanted the bias to match the dress and so made it in the same fabric but after putting on a wider layer, I had to take it off, cut it narrower and re-sew it! I just couldn’t get rid of the puckers round the tight corners. I think the problem was that the denim was a bit too tightly woven to make bias binding out of it. Next time I will use something with a more open weave. My next project is to make it in a very drapey viscose. I love the print you have used though.

    • didyoumakethat says:

      Yes, I think this pattern does require more lightweight fabric – though a denim version sounds fantastic! Good luck with your next project. xx

  9. Thanks for sharing with us about this amazing outfit.

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