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Writing The Little Book Of Sewing + FREE Guide!

My journey in writing The Little Book of Sewing began in a cafe, over a coffee. A friend suggested I write a book and introduced me to an editor. It was just before Christmas 2017. The meeting went well and I … Continue reading

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What Makes A Great Sewing Muse?

“Draw me like one of your French girls…” I tell you what, SewManju is going to get a shock when this pops up into her feed! Do you have a sewing muse? I have! Can you guess who it is… … Continue reading

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Happy Galentine’s Giveaway 2019

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to… Flipping heck, I’m 49. I’ll be 50 next year. (Me and maths, huh?) I should do a really big party next year. In the meantime, I thought we could celebrate … Continue reading

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The Little Book Of Sewing – First Glimpse

Hello, my friends! I have written a book, it’s super cute, it’s publishing on 4 April and it’s available to pre order here! Pre orders are really important to a book’s launch and they’re loved by Amazon, publishers and humble … Continue reading

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Sewing With Mermaid Sequins

Finally! Some successful sewing!! This is the Tilly and the Buttons Nora top, sewn with a mermaid sequin panel. Isn’t it lush? If you aren’t already aware, mermaid sequins allow you to change the colour of the sequin according to … Continue reading

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Do Certain Fabrics Make You Shiver?

First things first, a blog reader comment that I don’t want anyone to miss: The nicest people read your blog, Karen. I’ll usually just skim through comments but I read every one just now because they were all kind & … Continue reading

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Well, I’m stumped, I don’t mind admitting. I was all set to share a new make with you today. It was a third version of the Myosotis dress, having made two stupendously successful versions – here and here – that … Continue reading

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Matching Sewing Patterns And Fabric

At which point during a make do you feel confident you’ve chosen the right fabric? At Moment Of Purchase During Cutting Out Sewing The Outfit Together Trying It On After Wearing For A Few Days It’s a tricky one, isn’t … Continue reading

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In Which I Humiliate A Dog

Hello, hello, my friends! Jayzus, I kid you not, I have literally nothing to say about sewing because I’ve sewed NOWT but I missed you something chronic, like a pain in the gut, and I just had stop by and … Continue reading

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GBSB Drinking Game!

It’s safe to say I’m just a little excited about the upcoming new series of The Great British Sewing Bee. Rumour has it, it shall be airing in early 2019 so it’s time to get ready. Here’s my Christmas present … Continue reading

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