Did You Hygge That? Another Giveaway



Here are four brilliant facts for you:

  • The Danish alphabet has three letters not found in the English alphabet. (Do you know what they are?)
  • You Google Danish Sewing Box at your peril!
  • My new favourite local business is Danish-inspired – the florist, Blomst.
  • Current night time temperatures are -13 in Herning, home of the fabric store Stoff & Stil.

Why should I care about temperatures in Denmark? Well, in a few days from now, I’ll be catching a plane to visit Stoff & Stil. I know! I’m really intrigued to visit this business, with 37 years’ experience in design and textiles. I’ve never seen anywhere before that stocks beaver nylon, Octopus sewing patterns or whale jersey. Animals are a theme, huh?!

Do you have any burning questions that you’d like me to ask Stoff & Stil, whilst I’m over there? Any recommendations for things to do on this flying visit? Tips for staying warm?

To share the joy with my readers, I’m hosting a UK giveaway for The Little Book of Hygge, from Danish author Meik Wiking. It’s an Amazon bestseller with over 220 reader reviews!


I’m sure many followers will be aware of the Hygge phenomenon that’s swept the UK. And has anyone caught up with Rick Stein’s Long Weekends in Copenhagen?

Britain’s gone all Nordic.

Though I’d argue that anyone who sews or knits already knows all about Hygge. We just didn’t have a word for it before now.



To enter this latest giveaway, just leave a comment below telling me what your favourite fabric is from the Stoff & Stil website. And extra points to anyone who can tell me what the name Blomst means!

This UK-only giveaway ends on Wednesday 18 January at midnight GMT.

Finally, thank you to the nearly 200 people who entered my corduroy giveaway. Wow, you guys like cord! I’m pleased to say that the Random Giveaway Generator has picked our 100th person to leave a comment, Kate. I’ve sent you an email, Kate!