Scuba Winner With The Sewcial Studio

scuba top

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway of 1.5 metres of scuba from The Sewcial Studio. Drum roll … the winner is Kim Watson who recently celebrated a birthday. Happy birthday, Kim! I’ll be in touch.

I hope we’ve inspired lots of you to contemplate whizzing up a one-hour skirt.

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The Village Haberdashery Sewing Socials

the village haberdashery class studio


Recently, I was lucky enough to be guest host at one of The Village Haberdashery‘s Sewing Social evenings. They run each Thursday night, 6.30-9pm. Each attendee pays £8 to access the studio and sew with friends and a host who shall make them feel welcome and answer their questions. Oh, and there’s cake.

This was the first time I attended and I LOVED it. There were about eight or nine of us there – we each had a sewing machine and plenty of space to work. The wide windows were flung open to the evening summer air and a member of staff (hi, Freya!) was on hand if we had any questions. There was also a knitting group in the shop area and the atmosphere was friendly, relaxed and fun. Honestly, I was in heaven!

wool the village haberdashery

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Sew A One Hour Scuba Skirt – Giveaway

The One Hour Scuba Skirt

Thanks to everyone who watched my vlog interview with The Foldline and made a comment. It looks as though many of us feel the same way around sewing, and how natural fabrics can manage our internal radiators.

If you have a tendency to overheat (at any age) does this mean you’re forced to eschew fun synthetic fabrics? Hell, no! Just ask The Sewcial Studio, who recently sent me a gift of some scuba. Would you like a gift, too? Keep reading… Continue reading

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Buying Stuff – Does It Platform Intent?

I was thinking about this the other day as I gazed slack-jawed at running tights on the Internet, wondering how many pairs to buy.

The truth is, I haven’t been running in weeks. Or, wince, maybe months. But if I bought some new running gear, I’d definitely haul my behind outside. Wouldn’t I?

I wonder if the same rationale applies to sewing. I don’t mean the spontaneous splurges on fabric; I’m talking about the big investments.

toshiba sewing machine

I first started sewing on a secondhand Toshiba to test my commitment to this new hobby. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a machine, only to watch it gather dust. Once I was certain that my new love was consistent as well as passionate, I invested in a Bernina – a machine that has proved to be loyal and true. (Can you tell I had a flakey man sending me drunk text messages last night? I have no patience any more for flakey men…)

bernina sewing machine

Buying my sewing machine and then my overlocker were my messages to myself. You’re in for the long haul, girlfriend. Time to take this seriously.

Do you feel the same way? Have your investments been worth it or have they become expensive clothes horses – you know, the objects you toss your clothes over in a neglected corner of the bedroom?

Okay, time to peel myself out of my own bedroom and go for a run!

cardiff half marathon


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Changing Body Shapes – The Foldline Interview


Ooh, have you ever considered the hot topic (forgive the pun) of sewing and the menopause? I have! Kate of The Foldline visited Did You Make That Towers for a conversation on this subject. Ella joined in the fun, too. You can watch the full interview here.

I’m fascinated to hear your own thoughts on how sewing can help and how a changing body shape affects your sewing. Let’s chat!

With thanks to Kate and The Foldline for the opportunity to raise this.

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Learning Is Good For You

back to school

Did you know that learning anything new is good for your brain? Cognitive ageing slows down, new connections are formed, the pleasure centre is stimulated, you become a better problem solver, and mental wellbeing is improved.

Key to all this is finding a new skill that you enjoy. Something that requires manual dexterity as well as mental effort is the holy grail. Enter sewing!

I’m overdue some new sewing learning experiences. I haven’t gone on a sewing course in ages, and want to explore options. I’ve been scouting out courses such as this – a whole course on collars!

If you’re also thinking of indulging in a spot of learning, The Foldline has a UK regional round up. Alternatively, here is my own selection of sewing teaching that I’ve experienced first hand.

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Tips For The Tilly And The Buttons Freya Sweater

Tilly And The Buttons Freya Top

I couldn’t resist. Couldn’t resist those ruffles, even though they took some time and care. Look how cute they are!

How To Sew The Freya Top

This is the second item I’ve sewn from Tilly And The Button’s Stretch!. Such a sweet pattern. I used a lovely soft striped jersey from TMOS – he has loads of jerseys in right now, so it’s worth paying him a visit.

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How To Sew For Business Travel

Sew Over It Bologna

Hello, hello! I am back from Bologna Book Fair and so happy to be reunited with my blog. Here I am on the first day of the fair, wearing my Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress.

In fact, I wore this shift dress on both days I attended the fair – my navy wool crepe was the second iteration that showed its lovely face. Solid colours keep you feeling safe when you’re too tired to draw attention to yourself.

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Memories And Mementoes – What Are Yours?

how to sew culottes

Almost impossible to photograph culottes, don’t you find? But I love this outfit and wanted to share.

This is another version of the B6178 culottes (currently on sale!) made in a black something from TMOS. I liked the fabric because it was nicely matte. Nothing worse than shiny black fabric. It has a little stretch to it, which makes it super-comfy for wearing. The stretch does mean you need to check fit before inserting the zipper, but that’s no biggie.

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International Women’s Day – What You Can Sew Do

international womens day

tilly and the buttons

Today is International Women’s Day, a great reason to celebrate female solidarity! Here’s a list of inspiration for you, plus thoughts on what you can do to support womankind.

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