Behind The Scenes At Did You Make That


Behind the scenes posts are always fun, aren’t they? So without, further ado…


Here’s the sewing machine that is permanently set out in a corner of my living room. Rachel from House of Pinheiro was recently snapped using it, when she came to stay. It’s a Bernina Activa 230 Patchwork Edition. It’s a great machine!

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Dogs In Space!



I’ve been waiting all my life to type a blog post title like that. LOOK at this fabric from Stoff & Stil!

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I Fell Off My Pink Cloud With A Thud


Is pink one of the most hotly contested colours in a female’s wardrobe? After my Instagram feed was flooded with images of women, including Margaret Atwood, wearing pink pussy hats I think the answer is YES!

It’s a colour we’re able to debate, challenge, subvert … and wear.


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A Flame Called Hope


Welcome to my Sew Over It Lola Jacket, from their ebook Capsule Wardrobe: My City Break.

This gilt brocade has been scooped up by loads of sewing bloggers, if my Instagram feed is anything to go by. You can see why. It’s a fresh and modern print, reminding me of the resin jewellery you can buy in Oliver Bonas.

This jacket would look amazing with a statement necklace.


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Really Beautiful, Or Really Useful


Buttons are my weakness. We all have one. Objects can be beautiful as well as useful, and buttons definitely fall into this category.

Still. I’m not sure I’ll ever have a use for that single, clay, dog-shaped button. The more you sew, the more you realise that buttons are button-shaped for a reason. There’s no reason to buy novelty buttons. It just doesn’t make sense. Which is why I’ll probably never stop buying novelty buttons.


I do try to be good, too. I’ll stock up on stacks of matching, boring buttons that will be perfect for my next make. And they really are perfect. Just not quite as perfect as little red vintage sailing boats.


Do you have a sewing weakness? The objects that make your heart sing and your practical side sigh?

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Did You Hygge That? Another Giveaway


Here are four fascinating facts for you:

  • The Danish alphabet has three letters in it that the English alphabet doesn’t. Do you know what they are?
  • You Google Danish Sewing Box at your peril.
  • My new favourite local business is Blomst. Points out of ten if you know what that name means!
  • Night time temperatures in Herning, home of Stoff & Stil , are currently -13. Brrrrr!

Why should I care about temperatures in Denmark? Because in a few days from now, I’ll be flying there to visit Stoff & Stil. I’m fascinated to learn more about a business that has dedicated 37 years to design and textile. I’ve never seen anywhere before that stocks Beaver Nylon, an Octopus pattern or Whale jersey.

Other than asking them about their clear love of animals, do you have any other questions you’d like me to ask whilst I’m there? Any tips for things to do or how to stay warm?


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Molly Top and Cleo Dress – A Cleolly? PLUS giveaway


Yes, I have made another Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dress, and if you look at this photo for long enough your eyes will turn fuzzy. Don’t you love 15th-century buildings?

My fourth Cleo was sewn using purple pin cord from Saeed Fabrics and top stitched using gold top stitching thread. Saeeds have a lovely range of cotton baby cords at the moment – get yourself down there.


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#2017makenine Survey Results


To date, I’ve had nearly 600 responses to my #2017makenine survey (thank you!). The most popular items are:

  • Dress – 37.10%
  • Jeans – 32.38%
  • Top – 31.87%
  • Trousers – 23.78%
  • Knitwear – 23.27%
  • Skirts – 18.72%

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As I Walked Out One Midwinter Morning…


It’s a little ironic that as someone who loves sewing clothes, I have spent the past four years, walking around three times a day, wearing this across my body…


Disgusting, isn’t it? It’s my dog walking bag and despite its sorry state, I’ve loved it dearly. Purchased from the brilliant Edwyn UK when Ella was a puppy, it really has been the perfect cross-body tote for dog walks. The fabric means it doesn’t slip around my body and hit Ella in the face when I bend over to put on her dog lead. It’s big enough for all the dog walking essentials – poop bags, hand sanitiser, tennis balls, dog treats, tissues – plus I can pop shopping in there whilst I’m out and about. Lots of pockets. Lots of memories.

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I tend to be a spontaneous blog writer. Snap some photos, hammer at the keyboard, slap the laptop shut, take my dog out for a walk – job done. But for some reason, I was struggling to encapsulate exactly what I thought about a future year’s creative planning.

Thank goodness for Instagram and Lucky Lucille‘s #2017makenine.

This is an initiative to make nine items over the coming year. I believe we’re meant to share an Instagram collage of nine items we plan to sew.

I’m not quite ready to do that yet. I’d like to make nine capsule items that build a coordinated wardrobe, but I need more thinking time.


How to plan coordination? First, I looked at clothes I’ve already made. There are often common themes when it comes to colour.


All I need to do is pick out some colours, so that new items coordinate with existing makes. But why not push the envelope a little, taking colour inspiration from a piece of fabric in my stash.


Isn’t this gorgeous? I really like the idea of working that mustard into my wardrobe. It’s a colour I’m always drawn to, and yet fear.

So, I just need to choose some basic items to sew. I wondered if you could help me. What are your go-to items for a capsule wardrobe? Would you be prepared to answer my really quick questionnaire to give me a steer? You can tick more than one box, and if you want to go into more detail, leave a comment below. I’m intrigued to know what items of clothes really work for us.

Go on! Ticking a few boxes will give you something to do whilst the champagne chills.

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!

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