Vlog? What Vlog?!

It’s that time of year when I set my camera up at a wonky angle, share my cold-ridden, wheezing lungs with the world and say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! video-stylee.

This is my fourth – fifth? – Christmas video at Did You Make That. Anyway, I’m not yet done with public humiliation so … sit back and, um, enjoy?

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Glittery Cleo


When I said I was done with all things glitter and sequins, I was clearly lying to myself. This latest make is unashamedly inspired by the genius sequinned Cleo dungaree dress sewn by Kate of The Foldline.

Sadly, I couldn’t find any sequinned fabric I liked enough on Walthamstow market, but I did come across this glittery knit in Classic Textiles. £3.50 later, I was carrying it home and wondering if all my senses had abandoned me.

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Project Pouch For My Knitting


No way was I throwing out the scraps of gold faux leather (also available in silver and black) left over from my recent skirt project. This stuff is too good for the bin. So, I decided to sew myself a project bag for my knitting.


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Taking Care Of Your Sewing Self


Do you believe in natural remedies? I treated myself to this affordable bottle of Remedies To Roll for pulse points, in the hope of encouraging a studious nature at the desk and sewing machine. I love the scent and certainly my senses are woken. Might be worth ensuring there are no smears of oil left on your wrists to contaminate fabric.


Good light is essential at this time of year and my sewing area has an arrangement of lamps. It really does make all the difference. Even then, you might want to judge what sewing steps you take and when. Hand sewing by lamplight in the evening? Forget it!


And whilst we’re being all holistic, I’d really recommend an air humidifier for your sewing space. My skin is already dry and itchy from the central heating pumping out warm air. Plus, pretty!

At this time of year, it’s easy to put everyone else first. Take some time and gift buying for yourself!

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Gold Faux Leather V1247 Skirt


This is my new gold skirt, sewn using one metre of gold faux leather from Fabric Godmother and an adapted skirt pattern from V1247, a pattern I suspect has gone out of print as I can’t find linkable references. This is a shame, because the skirt is a well-loved stalwart of the sewing community.

The original skirt pattern has front in-seam pockets, but I adapted:

  • Lost the in-seam pockets
  • Lost the waistband
  • Drafted a waist facing
  • Lengthened by a couple of inches
  • Added side seam inserts of grey wool

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You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Did you know that it’s National Anger Awareness Week? Oh, I’m very aware of my sewing anger – very! Here are some of the sewing details that light the touch paper of my fury.


Being soooooo close to finishing a make, but life getting in the way. (Did you see Handmade Jane’s Studio 54 gold top? That woman with a killer hair flick was born to boogie with Grace Jones.)


The bobbin of thread that runs out just as you’re centimetres away from the last stitch. Garghhhhhh! Can you see me turning green and hulk-like?

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Fabrics To Keep You Warm


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s been a sudden and dramatic drop in temperates in these here parts (the UK). I’ve turned all sloth-like, when I’m not doing my Couch to 5k training and want nothing more than to cuddle up in warming fabrics.

So, at pure random and with no particular logic, here’s a run down of some of my favourite snuggly fabrics for winter weather.


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The Rise And Rise Of Sewing Vloggers


Well! I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the newest social media turn of events, namely the rise and rise of sewing vloggers. I LOVE sewing vlogs. When I’m too tired to do anything other than loll in bed, I watch an episode from one of my ‘friends’ as I gently fall asleep, my laptop propped open.

For me, sewing vlogs trump podcasts. I need to feel halfway clever when listening to a podcast. They all – not just sewing – seem to be so earnest.


Book and TV industries are obsessed with Youtube. Some of its stars carry more clout than Hollywood actors, these days. I’m not saying that Leonardo DiCaprio should buy himself a sewing machine (though maybe he should) but I am intrigued that where the likes of Zoella lead, sewing follows. These vlogs aren’t about online tutorials per se; they’re more about an online conversation.

Our sewing vlogs would probably be described as niche – I can’t see anyone yet hitting Zoella’s 11 million subscribers – but I always think niche is good. Niche means passion. What’s next? I have no idea. Some readers have suggested I join in the vlogging fun, but I quite enjoy leaving this area to other people who are carving out their own community niche. Plus, we already have at least two dog-owning sewing vloggers!

Do you have any favourite sewing vlogs you can recommend to me? And what do you think to this latest phenomenon?

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A Couple Of Shots


‘That’s cold work,’ said the auld Irish bloke who’d been surreptitiously watching me. ‘Come to the pub for a couple of shots? Warm yourself up?’

You know when bloggers say it took them 150 photos to pick one decent one? This photoshoot involved a grand total of two photographs. It was so blooming cold out there! But I wanted to share this latest Molly dress from the Sew Over It Capsule Wardrobe ebook, largely because the fabric is so interesting.



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Tilly And The Buttons Cleo Dress


This is the latest pattern from Tilly and the Buttons, the Cleo dungaree dress. Isn’t it cute as a button? And talking of buttons…


What I love about this pattern is that you don’t need to go out and invest in a shed load of hardware, if you don’t want to. Buttons in your stash, and you’re good to go. No buckles, no jean buttons, no rivets, no mallets, no zips. Just start sewing. Though I did use my buttonhole kit, for neat slicing.


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