2019 – Inspired And Inspiring

It’s fun AND mindful to look back, look forwards – to remember the best (to not mind the worst) and hope for more to come. How was your 2019? I have to admit, I needed to scratch my head to remember all of mine – the past 12 months flew by in a whirlwind.

2019 was my year of the Myosotis dress – dang, I love this pattern. It struck a chord as the high street has been full of gathered, tiered dresses and it’s always fun to put your own spin on things. All of my successful Myosotis makes have been worn in HEAVY rotation and I have others planned.

Myosotis Collage

red myosotis dress

myosotis dress in silk

myositis with marie

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Happy Holidays 2019!

Screenshot 2019-12-24 at 19.56.20

Screenshot 2019-12-24 at 20.03.28

The traditional Did You Make That festive vlog is up and available to watch on Youtube. Find out my suggestions for Christmas reading and see Ella leap after a cat!

I am wearing my Tilly and the Buttons Nora top in mermaid sequins. Swoon!

Have a great break, my friends! Put your feet up and relax.

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Turning Seven, Turning Metallic

how to sew ogden cami

Oh, man! We can agree that it’s been way too long since Ella last appeared on Did You Make That. Did you know that she’s just turned seven? And next year, I turn 50! How does any of this even happen?

Ella remains playful, stubborn, affectionate and such great company. She is also my BEST filter of fellow human beings. I largely reserve judgement until people have met Ella, and I continue to find her responses fascinating. She crosses the road to avoid people who are off their proverbials. Walthamstow continues to be a vibrant and diverse community – with all that entails. Yet, how does she know?! A little dog can have no concept of alcohol or drugs and yet … she most definitely knows. ‘Come on, Karen. We’re crossing the street.’ Some people who I don’t like, she loves. Others, we both adore. A few, we equally despise.

But to date, she agrees that a person who sews can only be good to the depth of their soul. I genuinely believe this! We invest our hearts into sewing. I just don’t believe that a bad person can do good creating.

sewing denim

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Sewing Eco-Guilt? Killer!

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears

Have you noticed? Somewhere along the way, the environment stopped being about the largesse of recycling your empty wine bottles at the weekend and started becoming… Well. Really urgent.

All around us are images of micro beads floating in pacific oceans, sea birds drowning in plastic, and turtles caught up in nets. Young activists lead the way – god, don’t you love our future generations? – and I feel compelled to follow.

Sewing has a pretty good track record in terms of sustainability. As a community we:

  • turn our backs on fast fashion
  • regularly recycle fabric, patterns and clothes
  • use our craft to protest
  • pass down generational skills
  • rescue forgotten sewing machines

We can feel good about ourselves, but we could feel better. Shall we agree on that?

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Haven’t I Seen That Dress Before?

sewing with tea rose fabric

Do your eyes deceive you? Haven’t you seen this Deer & Doe Myosotis dress before? Why yes, you have – here!

I decided to pay an homage to Marie of A Stitching Odyssey. Oh, who am I kidding? I copied her. EXACTLY. Even down to the buttons.

Fortunately, Marie and I are good friends and I knew she wouldn’t mind. Love you, Marie! We’re now determined to bag a photoshoot together in our matching dresses. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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The Emotional Range Of Making

how to embroider

My latest pursuit. I’ve been working with an embroidery kit. Oh yeah, I did tapestry and cross stitch as a child, but I’ve never before pursued the solitary activity of choosing which stitch goes where, with a tiny needle and tinier stitches.

It’s been a revelation.

Why did no one warn me? That embroidery could be so emotional? Every single stitch in this project hugs to it the most precious memories. I know exactly where I was sat the first time I punctured that black canvas with a glinting needle. I remember the joy and distraction of learning a French knot whilst watching a film. The mantra I repeated in my head as other parts of the embroidery took form and the times I cast it aside as the gloaming merged into night and I had no more light by which to see. All I had left to do was listen to the quiet.

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The Slither And Hiss Of Silk

how to sew a pussy bow blouse

Is there anything more delicious than the slither and hiss of silk as a pussy bow is tugged free, during gentle disrobing?

YES! The slither and hiss of £3 a metre polyester from TMOS!

This animal print is the bomb. Get some. It’s polyester – one assumes – but quality. A joy to sew with. Doesn’t wrinkle in your holiday packing. Shake out and wear. Fake sophistication, even if you’re feeling foolish and giddy.

pussy bow detail

It’s ages since I sewed a Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse, and I’m super-pleased that I returned to this pattern. It’s so satisfying to make and gives you real wardrobe stalwarts. Animal print is everywhere this summer, but this is a classic that will keep on giving. If I had to write a Top Ten of essential sewing patterns (and maybe I should!) this would be in there.

You can see previous versions I’ve made here and here.

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30 Days Of Photos With Strangers


The tenth anniversary of Me Made May has drawn to a close. Some of you will be silently raising a cheer of relief; others will be reflecting on their wardrobe choices. It’s an initiative that both divides and bonds, which I feel is just as it should be. How boring if we all agreed.

In 2019, I took part for the first time in eight years. I couldn’t quite let the anniversary slide with no acknowledgement. I mean, it’s a big deal and a massive achievement on SoZo‘s part – and says a lot about the online sewing community. We’re here for the long haul, man!

I decided to repeat my Me Made May experience of 2011 and add a twist – to be photographed with strangers each day because – you know – fun! I didn’t try to wear different outfits every day; I reached for whatever I fancied pulling from the wardrobe.

Which means we all now know how much I love:

The Ogden Cami from True Bias

The B6178 Culottes from Butterick

The Myosotis Dress from Deer And Doe

The Charlie Caftan from Closet Case Patterns

All great and highly wearable items. But my choice to be photographed with strangers also raised a few unexpected highlights.

First, what is my advice for approaching 40+ strangers in 31 days? (Some people declined and I missed one day.)

  • Look for an open and friendly face.
  • Don’t tackle people who are busy.
  • Avoid feeling insulted if people turn you down. (I mean, I’d probably turn this down!)
  • Expect to be surprised.
  • Stay spontaneous. I made it a rule not to go back once I’d walked past someone.
  • Have a cute, ice-breaker dog with you.
  • Be sensible.
  • Be respectful.
  • Bend the rules if you want to!

I loved the diversity of people I engaged with – it’s what I’ve always loved about London. If you didn’t follow along on Instagram, here are some of my personal highlights from the people I met:

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Caring For Vintage Cushion Fabrics

Ella and I have a new garden bench and it’s become our favourite place to sit.

I drag out a blanket and cushions and lie with my legs dangling over an arm rest as I proofread pages. Ella keeps a keen eye on the comings and goings of local wildlife. It’s pretty blissful for a small London garden that’s fast becoming a meadow!

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Are You Part Of The Mending Brigade?

Last week I went to Oxford to talk to a bunch of Sewists about The Little Book of Sewing. It was SUCH a great event and I met fascinating people from sewing academics to sewing start-ups, teachers to parents to booksellers.

But there was one particular person who intrigued me because she named herself a Mender. It’s a thing! It must be, because it’s on Instagram:

Visible Mending

Tom of Holland

Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald


This all happened in the same week that I repaired the neckline on one of my hand sewn dresses and put aside a pair of culottes for taking in. Was something in the air?

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