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Did You Make That is one of the leading UK sewing blogs, and has been featured in The Guardian, The Bookseller, Sewing World, Love Sewing and Sew magazines. The blog has been referenced in Tilly and the Buttons’ debut sewing book, Love At First Stitch, and is regularly featured in blog round ups. Highlights include:

  • raising over £3,000 for The National Literacy Trust with the Made Up Initiative, launched in conjunction with Love Sewing magazine
  • being a launch blogger in The Guardian’s fashion blogger network
  • releasing an e-book that’s helped hundreds of people sew bound button holes
  • encouraging over 260 people to sew pyjamas all at the same time!

The blogger, Karen, has more than 24 years’ experience in publishing and is author of over 20 books.


  • 80,000+ page views per month
  • 35,000+ unique visitors per month
  • 2.4 average views per visitor
  • 19,000+ followers via bloglovin’
  • 13,200+ followers via Instagram
  • 7,000 email subscribers
  • 2,400 fortnightly newsletter subscribers

Why Does Sewing Matter?

  • The Great British Sewing Bee Facebook page has 88,000 likes
  • British sewing machine sales are up by 500%
  • Pinterest, Etsy and Instagram (400+ million users) help Makers take over social media
  • Overall value of craft to the British economy is £3.4 billion
  • Because we love it!

There’s a great article on the rise and rise of sewing here.

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